Exercising Together


The yoga pants and I are gettin’ tight again.  Sorry, what I really mean, is that they are getting tight again.  When you find yourself spending five minutes workin’ up a sweat just trying to wrangle on last years jeans, you know something’s gotta give.  And, unfortunately, the spandex in my jeans has about given me all it’s got.

Y’all! This winter is about to do me in!

So, I’ve begun the exersizzle regime. Again.

Only, this time?  My Sweetgirl has taken up exercising with me.

And I have proof.

Enter, exhibit A:


May I explain?

1) I am quite pink and apparently wear a red cheer-leading bow on top of my hair to exercise.  (I do get very red, but I draw the line at wearing a bow over 40.)

2) My not-quite-five year old likes to dance on table tops behind my back. (She does not. Unless, of course, the coffee table counts. She likes to be “as tall as mama.”)

3) We let butterflies roam free in our house. (We do not. Sorry.  I know. That would be pretty exciting, but I think dancing on coffee tables is enough excitement, no?)

4) A purple person in a box watches us exercise. (Nope. But, I do exercise to DVDs. Which, obviously, I follow along with on the TV. But our TV is not purple. Nor is the Instructor.  Although, that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?)

My little shadow likes to proclaim how “tired from all the ‘sizing”she is about four minutes in.  I do too. But, alas, I must be the adult and keep going.  I’m trying to show her how important exercise is.  And, I can’t do that if I punk out and grab a can of salt-n-vinegar Pringles snack with her.

Wait! Can I?

No. I know. Sigh…

So, she usually grabs a snack and watches me finish out the last 40 minutes.  I suppose it’s kind of like watching the Biggest Loser. But, in real life.  And up close and personal.

But, I will prevail.  I refuse to buy the next size up jeans.

And, it would be nice to be able to wriggle in to my current ones without so much effort.

So, if you need me, I’ll be workin’ up a sweat while my back-up dancer Sweetgirl does, too, on the coffee table behind me.  Because, everyone knows exercising together is way more fun.

Yes indeedy!

22 thoughts on “Exercising Together

  1. Bahahahaha! I love this. You go momma! You’re teaching her right by exercising with her. (You do, however, have my permission to grab the chips once Sweetgirl hits the hay!) 😉

    • Oh, Imma gonna need those chips once in a while, I assure you! You’re the inspiration – you with all your fit-itude. 😉

  2. Oh, you really cracked me up… Thankfully my kids are just jealous when I come home from Yoga able to perform – um – “odd” looking exercises that involve feet on the wall. (My children are older, and no longer have a desire to put their feet on the wall)
    Thanks for the belly laugh. Does that count as exercise?

    • Yes – yes, please! Belly laughs simply must count because that’s about the only ab exercising going on around here. I’m impressed – feet on the wall, huh? That sounds like much contorting!

  3. So funny!! I need to get back on track! My kids always liked to try to do a few of the moves with me and Jillian. 🙂 And if it makes you feel better, my five-year-old was “helping” me get on my tights one Sunday and she said,”These are TIGHT! Is that why they’re called tights?” Um, yes. Sure. haha And they always were this tight, you see…hmmm.

  4. Love it! As cheesy as they are, I use the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs a lot. Alyssa and Joel LOVE to walk with me using them. There are times that they actually request them and then I have to put down my bag of chips/bowl of ice cream/cookies, etc and grumbling go off to walk with them. 😉

    • Christi!!! I’m still using those. I love her style. And I don’t have to worry about the “being uncoordinated” thing. I LOVE that your kids request them. Good lookin’ out for your kidlets, mama!

  5. I don’t know which I loved more – Sweetgirl’s exhibit A or your explanation of Sweetgirl’s exhibit A. You had me cracking up! Anywho, this totally inspired me to get up and get moving too. I got so tired of squeezing into my jeans that I actually just bought the next size up jeans, and was NOT happy about it. So, you go, girl!

    • I hear that, Tanya. I so hear that! The thought of buying the next size up bathing suit about gave me the pee pee shivers, too. I’m hustling. And praying that the Good Lord will give me the motivation to keep it up. (At least until the pants a little less “snug”.)

  6. Paxton loves to watch me exercise, too — but I use kettlebells and am always yelling at him to move away so I don’t swing it into his little body! 😉

    • Kettlebells? Do tell. Lord, I can only imagine Sweetgirl and her ability to be right in the way. That would NOT end up well. Oh, no indeed.

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