A Valuable Commodity

This question has grabbed me by the tail and flung me around more than a few times this month:  “Spend some time with me, please?”

My children.

My husband.

My God.



In this time of Lent for some and Purim and Passover for others, I find myself forgetting to remember.

Remembering the Good that came from His willingness to spend time. Here. On earth. For us.

It’s all about the time spent.  Remembering the beauty of the relationship. Not the things done.

And, my sweet children are good at this; remembering to spend time. I can easily take a page from their life book.

“Play a game with me, Mama.”  “Read this book to me, Mama.”  “Let’s bake cookies together, Mama.”


It can sound like an endless string of requests barging into my me-time moments.  If, I forget to remember what a gift this precious time with these loved ones is.

Jesus understood this.

How many times, Lord, will I have to read of how quickly time will go by and how they will grow up and go forth?  Or how All The Time I thought I had with my husband is cut short unexpectedly?  Or how, in the blink of an eye, one can hear news that will hasten their arrival to the Gates of Glory?

And I will be left wondering, “What happened to All The Time?”.

I don’t want to be left wondering.

Because, that me-time isn’t near as fulfilling as time spent ushering in memories, and soaking up His Word, and showing them how much I love them.

With my time.

It’s the most valuable commodity I have right now.

Lord, teach me to use it well.

16 thoughts on “A Valuable Commodity

  1. So, so true, Missy. I don’t want waste time with precious ones who won’t be around forever. It’s easy to forget that…to get overwhelmed with all the serving and giving, and even waste that with a bad attitude. Your post puts these relationships in perspective. And out of that comes a serving and giving done in love. I’m right with you, friend!

    • Jacqui, I continue to hope that God will change my attitude about wasting time versus using up precious bits of it with those we love and serve.

    • Thank you Deanna! I love that you went right off to read a book with your little one. Mine just had me read “Dear Zoo” for the 3rd time this morning. And I loved every Almost-Memorized line of it!

  2. Excellant thoughts,and so true. Ones spoken as a mother, daughter and a wife. But I as the Nana sees it is not one of your faults where you are concerned. I think you are very willing to spend time with those you love. Take some time for you too my dear! For the Lord your God looks at you and says .. well done my good and faithful servant.

    • Ah, The Nana. I knew you’d pipe in here and I’m so glad you did. Always lookin’ out for my best interests. A mama always does – especially the good ones. Thanks mama!

  3. I really struggle with this. I like the idea of spending time with them, but then when it comes time to do it? I don’t know why it seems so hard sometimes. Thank you for the good reminder.

    • Me too, Christina. Me too. I think it’s hard, for me, because I’m so selfish. It’s a moment by moment laying down of self. And that is just too hard to do some days.

  4. You’re making me think. I’m really bad time waster and it is such a valuable commodity. I know that and I hate thinking about how I make bad choices and use it foolishly.. If I had to choose, I would say my son’s love language is time. That’s mostly what he wants. Thanks for a great post.

    • Sometimes, thinking hurts. 😉 Monica, above, is doing an awesome series on Love Languages. I so hear the “Time” one. So. Hear. That.

  5. Good post, excellent thoughts. I’m thankful you are seeing this now…because it all does pass quickly. Their relationship with you will grow and change, and there’s so much to savor!
    : )

    • You help me see that with some of your writing, Sue, and I couldn’t appreciate it more! I love the thought of “so much to savor”.

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