The Cat in the Window (That is Not a Cat)

My daughter.

She thinks she is a cat.

Why do I think this?

Let’s review the evidence.

Exhibit A:

lying in the sunny spot

And, Exhibit B:girl_cat_in_windowExhibit C:


And finally, Exhibit D:


Do you see what I mean?  She likes to lay anywhere she can find a warm patch of sunshine filtering into the house.  She likes to hang out in the windowsills.  And, she likes to look towards the great outdoors.  She even gets friends in on the act.

Is this normal?

I think this might be a problem, because, God endowed me with a cat allergy.

I have noticed my eyes tearing up a lot lately, around her.

But, I thought it was because, the child! She knows how to test a mama’s patience.  Oh, yes indeedy!

She’s only Almost Five.  She’ll grow out of this, right?

Do any, or have any, of your children ever had a strange love for windows and sunshine? Or anything else?


9 thoughts on “The Cat in the Window (That is Not a Cat)

  1. Your sweet girl is absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! rofl

    My daughter was the same way. Everything was about cats…she asked for cat Beanie Babies for her birthdays, she had cat sheets on her bed, ceramic cats decorated her room, loved cat movies, etc. During her early elementary school years she told everyone she wanted to be a cat when she grew up, with her older brother always trying to convince her that she was a person and people can NOT grow up into cats! We are dog people, and she now has an aversion to cats. She graduates from college in 2 months…with a degree in business communications and NOT felinology!! 😉

  2. Believe me, if I could fit on my window sill, I’d be there! God bless the patches of sunshine.

    I don’t think you have much to be worried about. My daughter went through a phase of acting like a horse. Scared my husband to death. He saw images of his twenty-something daughter galloping around.

    I’m happy to report the horse has moved on. So enjoy your kitty for a while. Buy extra tissues and don’t worry. This too shall pass.

  3. She’s darling!
    My youngest tells me frequently that she’s a cat. Or a dog. And when I’m coming to help her in the bathroom she always asks me if I’m a bear (and I’ll tell you it’s with the hope that I’ll say yes that she asks). So I roar.
    Do you feel better now? 😉

  4. So adorable! And I love to find any ray of sunshine and plant myself there… could be a lifelong habit. I don’t exactly think she’ll keep walking the window sills, but be thankful you have them? I’m a tad bit envious ; )
    She’s a keeper!

  5. Cute, Missy! My kids haven’t done this, but I can understand the love of windows! If I could, I’d install a whole lot more in our house! Sunlight makes me happy:)

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