A Little More Sassy Than Sweet


Sweet Mercy!

This darling Sweetgirl of mine?  She’s about to make this mama lose. her. mind!

Have I shared with you, yet, how her teacher informed me, many months ago, about the Tantrum Schedule?  No? I must share.  It will shed light on All The Sass. Yes indeedy, it surely will.

Sweetgirl apparently had a gargantuan small meltdown about having to clean up, at preschool, one day. It was around snacktime. They still had much work to be done.  Her patient and kind teacher, who knows her oh-so-well, told her that she could have a tantrum at 1:30.  But, that right now, they needed to clean up the toys.  This totally worked on her! I kid you not.  Miss A told me that Sweetgirl was completely enamored of her “right” to have a tantrum later and proceeded to clean up without another peep.  (And no tantrum later, either.  She asked her.  Seriously. Miss A went up to Sweetgirl and told her that it was 1:30 and that she could have her tantrum now, if she’d like to.  Sweetgirl calmly and politely declined.) Oh. My. Stars.

Well, now that you have a little flavor for the kind of Sass we’re dealing with here, this note might not need as much explaining.

I enter for evidence, exhibit A:





16 thoughts on “A Little More Sassy Than Sweet

  1. Ha! They just say whatever it is that enters their heads! 🙂 I am regularly told that I have a mustache and a squishy belly. Oh, and an extra chin. 😉
    It’s great to have a teacher that is so good with your kids!

    • The things that come out of our babes’ mouths are often things we SO wish wouldn’t. Good Teachers are very much appreciated around here.

  2. She’s a hoot! Sounds like her teacher knows just how to handle her. Kudos to a wise teacher. Does she get her sass from her mama? Just wondering. 😉

    This post made me think of the time my son wrote me this very democratic note. I found the link, but the photos have suspiciously disappeared. No worries. The photos aren’t necessary. I thought you might take heart in knowing you’re not the only mama with a sassy baby. 🙂


  3. Wow. Sounds like that teacher should teach a few courses in child psychology. I might have to try that on my two younger ones. And me too. Maybe if I’m about to freak on something, I should tell myself “that won’t solve the problem now” if you still feel like losing it, you may proceed in an hour.

  4. Oh. Hard.to.type… Laughing.too.hard… so sorry : )
    Hope you aren’t too worried about her, she’ll do better each year and she’s obviously receiving positive re-directing in the word department.
    Plus, I think she must have a great Mama and will soon be very self-sufficient. Oh, perhaps you didn’t want to hear that…

    • Don’t laugh too hard, lady. I hear all of this comes around again to git us when grandchildren start arriving on the scene. But, I thank you kindly for the compliment. 😉

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