Five Minute Friday




The excuses would run rampant.  And I had one for every possible way to be asked or encouraged. I told everyone who would listen that I didn’t need to. That I wasn’t ready.  That it wasn’t important compared to all that I had already surrendered. Whenever the opportunity arose to learn what it entailed, I’d switch into “duck and run” mode.

Watching others do it? Made me cry.   But I didn’t understand why.


The final time it was Someone Else’s Turn.  It was a child.  A brave and tender 13 year old boy.  I could only think of my own son, 7 at the time.  I watched him watch it all happen and realized that I was denying him the chance to see me obey.

And that is when the dam broke.  Waves of understanding began crashing in on me.

Then is exactly the moment when I remember committing to being baptized.  In faith.  Under water.  With You.

I’m linking up with the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker for her Five Minute Write.  Anyone who chooses too, can write for 5 minutes without editing or over-thinking, on a word word topic.  Click the button below to join in, or just to find some wonderful reads.


20 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Amen! And, praise the Lord! Great post about a great change in you … love the way you write about it and that you did write about it!
    Thanks also for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Jenn, Link #11 5 Minute Friday

  2. I just read the story of John baptizing Jesus to my kids the other night and how it was all for the glory of God. Love that this is your story as well- that you got to the point where you moved out of the way, so that it was all about Him! Lovely!!!!

  3. Dear Missy
    I recall the time when my husband and I were also baptized as adults. The church we were attending at the time, baptized babies and I remember that our Pastor was not impressed with the two of us! What matters in the end, dear friend, is a heart that has been made new in our Lord Jesus.
    Much love

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  5. Ohmigawsh. What a beautiful moment to remember. Ohhh… and now, to share with us at five minute friday? I feel so privileged… now I will remember, too!

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