Doing Without Social Media

I wasn’t sure I could.  It was touch and go there, for a couple of hours yesterday. Especially, when we were watching “Monsters, Inc.” and no one, except for me, was still interested.

I’m happy to report, though, that I did it!  I survived 24 hour media fast!


There were moments where I was almost sure that I could hear my phone and laptop downright wailing at All The Solitude.

I’m not gonna lie.  I was tempted.

But, I persisted in my commitment to focus on my family, and only on my family, for this one Sabbath day.

And, do you know what happened?

I lived to tell about it!

My children whined less!

I wined whined less!

Sweetman and I had some necessary and sweet conversations!

Yes, the exclamation point and I are a little too friendly!

Sadly, my children did not arise and call me blessed this morning. But, I do believe I am on to something.  And I intend to keep it up.

Doing without social media for a day isn’t so bad.  The world did not stop spinning on its axis.

How long will this go on?  I have no idea.  Maybe it will only be for another week or two.  Maybe for a month or two.

But, every Sunday, for the foreseeable future, I am tuning out.

And this, I know: My family life will not suffer.  

Indeed, I believe we’ll be all the better for it.

Do you take a media fast each week or month or year?  Tell me about it!

15 thoughts on “Doing Without Social Media

  1. Hooray, Missy! 🙂 I hear ya! I’m not a happy person if I’m on my computer too much, and my kiddos aren’t happy either. My weekends are supposed to be social media free – part of my commitment to my husband, but I’m not perfect at it. And he’ll remind of it if it starts to get out of hand! 🙂

  2. Nicely done. I’ve gone without here and there and can relate to your temptation! I try to do without on Sunday’s but always seem to squeeze in a little time on facebook. *shame*

  3. Ouch. This hits home! I realized how much of my aggravation with my kids sometimes comes from me truly being distracted by social media, the blog, and so forth. We have to turn it off. Great reminder. I really need to set a daily quiet time for this. Found you on Kelley’s Breakroom.

    • Adrienne, thanks for the visit. I couldn’t agree more – and that’s what led me to it. I found that I was snippy and snappy because I couldn’t have my social media time. Hello!

    • Well then, Muffintop, we’ll have the DT’s together! I’ll bike over with a little something to get us through. 😉

  4. Oooooh. Wow. I don’t know, I just don’t know! What would be hard for me is the down time — when daughter is playing and son is napping and husband is tallying bracket points. I rise and call you blessed, that’s for sure.

  5. Oh yes, girl! I sure do take a media fast often. And it’s absolutely wonderful! I don’t miss it at all …….It happens nightly between about midnight and 5am. 🙂 But now I’m kinda inspired to give it a try while I’m actually awake. We shall see. Good for you though!

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