How To Know If You Have a Stuffed Animal Problem

Have you ever wondered if you have a Stuffed Animal Problem? I’d like to show you how you can know for sure that this problem is one you are experiencing. This. This is exactly how you know:


“Isn’t it nice that our children’s stuffed animals even have stuffed animals?”, said Sweetman, with more than a hint of sarcasm, as he tripped over approximately 48 stuffed animals on his way out the door for work this morning?

No.  No, it is not.

Friends, Countrymen, Child Psychologists! Does anyone have a tried and true method for “helping” your children release their stuffed animals back into the wild?  And what wild environment can we donate to?  It seems like no one accepts stuffed animals anymore. (Goodwill and Salvation Army no longer accept them, anyway.)  Help, please!

19 thoughts on “How To Know If You Have a Stuffed Animal Problem

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  3. I have had to tell my mom not to buy any more…they still find their way into the house. I am pretty sure I got rid of some a few years ago, but not enough. I am looking forward to the day when I can clear them out or send them along to these children’s houses.
    I laughed out loud-the stuffed animal has a stuffed animal. And why shouldn’t it? Mickey Mouse has a pet dog. (Somehow, in my head, those two things were clearly related, but when I typed it out it was much less clearly so. My apologies.)

  4. If you find a solution to your infestation, please share it with me. We are drowning in stuffed animals over here 🙂

  5. We had the TY beanie babies… and the teeny beany babies … and the “Oh that’s so cute, it’s got a beany butt too” baby dolls from Wal -Mart. Then, there were the regular stuffed animals. Finally, we had a temporary flea outbreak, and bagged and tossed. Only hard plastic babies survived…and the relatives were forbidden from giving any more due to allergies.
    True Story.
    That did not, however work for the Barbies….

    • BAHAHA about the infestation not reaching the Barbies. Haven’t hit that stage yet. I fear it’s a comin’! But, I do believe you are on to something with the flea outbreak. Hmmm. how to orchestrate that now that Sweetdog is running around in heaven…

  6. Honestly, I clean them out when the kids are at school. I hide them in the garage and wait two weeks. If no one says “Mom, I can’t find ___” I donate to the local hospital.

    • Do you know, that every stinkin’ time I’ve tried that, one or the other of the kidlets ask me where such and such went. That. Very. Day. It’s like they have Stuffed Animal Radar or something. Distressing, I tell ya.

  7. That is the cutest picture ever! But don’t fret, my friend. Help is on the way. It’s called… wait a few years. I still have probably 100s of my 10 & 13 year olds stuffed animals, only now they’re in permanent hibernation in their closets. I could get rid of them easily if I wanted to. I used to want to… Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

    • It’s called Wait a Few Years? I’m not sure my compulsive cleaning tendancies can tolerate that. Are you sure I won’t want to in a few years? And, more importantly, do you promise??

  8. My trick is to take one or two a week while the kids are in school. We have a local thrift shop (not a Goodwill or other big one) and I bring them there. Or, save them for our school which gives them away at the Fall Festival during a cake-walk-type game. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Hmmm, saving them for the school or another church’s festivals – now that is a great idea! I can’t do it behind their backs though – they seem to have a radar detection system in place that I am unaware of. ;/

  9. Ha! Good luck with that.

    My mom could barely get into bed this weekend. She had to relocate no less than twenty-five little animals. Some of them had “beds of their own” on top of the bed.

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