What a Weekend!

We were uber-busy this past week.  I’m surprised I didn’t collapse before Sunday. But God is good.  He held me together right up until yesterday.  Then, I was down for the count.  But, like one of those bouncy punchy bopper thingies (I really can’t think of the name of that thing to save my life! Anyone???) , I’m back up and at em’ today.

We celebrated Sweetgirl’s 5th birthday on Friday.  Her party was on Saturday, and can we all just agree that ten 4 and 5-year-olds hyped up on cake and dancing like they’re 12 is enough to push any parent over the edge?  Can we?!

I am going to try to just hit the highlights here, but my favorite was, by far, Sweetgirl’s blue hair.  It was just fun! And so… her! We used a product called Hair Chalk.  Have you ever?  Me neither. But, I’m here to inform.  And entertain.  But for now, inform.  So, Hair Flairs Color Chalk is what we used.  It goes on very easily by rubbing it directly onto the hair to be colored.  Lessons learned?  1) Wear rubber gloves.  2) Do not allow the hair to touch ANYTHING in your house for the next few hours.  (Let’s just say that there are a few places on the walls and couches that are a lovely shade of aqua.  I’m going to pretend they aren’t there until they go away on their own.  Good strategy?)


And then, on Saturday, we partied like it was 1999.  Only, it was 2013.  And the party people were the Under Six Crowd.  Mercy…


The Gammy and The Grampa had driven up for he occasion and I think I can state with some level of certainty that by party’s end, we all just wanted to lay down where we were and sleep until 2015.

But, there was leftover cake to be had.  And we do not ever waste cake in this house.  Indeed.  It’s actually considered illegal in this family.  According to law #8 section 22 of the Missindeedy Family Laws and Codes… Oh, kidding!  But, for realz, we don’t waste cake.  Someone worked hard to make this thing of beauty.


Anyone hungry?  We have approximately half of a half sheet cake left over.  And I refuse to eat another 3 pieces in one sitting piece. Let it never be said that I don’t know how to share.

Happy Monday!

23 thoughts on “What a Weekend!

  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl, Missy! I think I already told you my little girl turns five next month, so oh, the party joy I have to look forward to! 🙂 I love the blue hair chalk you used. I think my little one would LOVE it!! But with those warnings, I may need to think about it. Hmm… 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Sure mail me a piece!

    I think I know what you’re talking about..those punch baggy thingies. They’re like balloons right, like blow up type? And sometimes they come in clowns and what not? And they’re weighted? LOL

    And those highlights are bangin andddd I just might have to try that aqua shade myself, too! Bahaha!

    • Yes, Rae! ‘Zactly those thingys!!! Sweetgirl will be choosing a color that more closely resembles our walls, next time. HA. Look for a squished piece of cake in the mail. 😉

  3. Love it! Your description of the bouncy punchy bopper thingie is right on. I was laughing at this post…sleeping right where you were until 2015? I get it! No wasting cake? I get it! And around here, it is said that I DON’T know how to share! My reputation…it’s not a good one. : /
    It sounds like a great party time for your baby girl. 🙂

    • You know, Christina? I have to admit, usually Sweetman tells everyone to keep their forks (or hands, for that matter) away from my dessert plates. But, there was so MUCH of this cake, that I guess I didn’t feel the need to guard my plate so zealously this time. (There’s GOT to be an object lesson in there somewhere, right???) 😉

  4. 5th birthdays are so much fun! And yes, I have been driven over the edge before (many times). Love the hair chalk. Wish I would have known about it back in the day when my kids were young enough to want to chalk their hair. Oh and please send the cake right over. It will go well with the morning brew!

    • It IS exciting, isn’t it??? It was supposed to come out in one washing, but it took 2. One washing one day and the next washing the next day. It’s really awesome. But, it does smell a bit for the first hour.

  5. LOVE the cake! Sounds like you had a blast. But now I’m intrigued… I have no idea what a bouncy punchy bopper thingy is. Think if I google it…?

    NO WAY! I typed in bouncy puncy bopper and saw a picture of those inflatable, ginormous squash-shaped, weighted bottom things that you punch down and it comes right back up. Who knew that’s what they were called? LOL! Makes perfect sense now. 🙂

  6. Happy birthday to that little sweet thang! So sorry to have missed all the flitting (and the cake, let’s be honest, but we both know I ate my weight in apps the night before!).

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