We Need More Sock Puppets

This week has been so tumultuous.  I’m trusting in this, right here:

via Pinterest via Renee Swope

So… I thought we could all do with a joyful little story.  Here ya go.

A week before Sweetgirl turned five, The Nana kept telling us to watch the mail for her card.  I thought it was odd that she would make a bunch of fanfare about a card, but thought it wise to indulge her. I am nothing if not respectful of thy mother.

Each day, we eagerly checked the mailbox for a card from The Nana.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch!

And then, one day, this arrived:


And we instantly understood.

Is this not the most fabulous card?  I’m not sure who played with Princess Slipperfoot more, me or Sweetgirl.

Therefore, I do believe we need more sock puppets.  It’s fun for the whole family.

Or, at least, for me.

And, a note to The Nana – I will never doubt your enthusiasm for a card, again.

6 thoughts on “We Need More Sock Puppets

  1. I love that card, too. And you know what is hilarious? I JUST made three sock puppets the other night on a WHIM because I was trying to stop letting electronics rule our family time. (It’s so easy to let it!!) So, I grabbed three of my own socks. (Last time, I made the mistake of using my husband’s dress socks and somehow it made it’s way back to my husband’s drawers. Imagine his shock when he placed a fancy brown dress sock on his foot only to see a smiling face staring back at him from his toes…HA!!) I hot-glued random items on as eyes, nose , hair, etc… It was SO not Pinterest-worthy. And I didn’t care! It brought more joy to my boys, especially Peanut, who still wants to have a sock-puppet on his hand at all times… 😉 Love this!

  2. Thank you for indulgeing me and for the confidence! Glad our”girls” liked the card! Good to know for future birthdays! See its’ not always about the gift as we know from our walk!

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