Where To Go On Vacation, Again

The words that I’ve been writing lately have been far more reflective than I ever thought they would be, when I began blogging last year. I’m waiting patiently to see where all of this reflection is going.  Hopefully, somewhere with a glorious bent?

In the meantime, it’s time for a little levity.

What better way to lighten up than to look at… vacation pictures! Aren’t you “so stinkin’ sited!” (as Sweetgirl would say)? You are not required to answer that. 

During our April vacation week, we went to Disney World.


It was magical.


There is not a one of us who doesn’t want to return.


And soon.

It makes all of us so incredibly happy to be there.  It really isn’t much more complicated than that.

Watching our children, walk hand in hand – or even better – skip, hand in hand, on their way from here to there? Seeing the absolute joy in their eyes, as they spy their favorite characters or rides? Eating every single meal together – as a family – and hearing them chatter away about all the things that touch their hearts in the course of a day? Dole Whip? I cannot put a value on these things.

And this, from a woman who grew up down there and swore that she would never fall into that mousetrap as a parent.

Ha! The joke’s definitely on me.

Oh, indeed it is.

Without further ado, here ya go:


Has there been a vacation spot that you wish you could return to (or have) again and again?  Share, please!  I’d love to know.

15 thoughts on “Where To Go On Vacation, Again

  1. JEALOUS! We want to get back there again, too! But, the hubs is not a huge Disney fan. But, I’m sure when Peanut is a little older we will make that journey again. And he will love it!

  2. Fantastic pictures, all of them! But the first one up there in the left corner… So incredibly precious!!! What wonderful memories. Glad you had a great vacation.

    • Haha! I feel ya! Makes me want to have 2 more too. You go first. 🙂 So I’m reading your other comments here and you said you were born near Disneyland… where exactly? Are you from California?

  3. I was Born and raised close to the Disney area. I get it! But you know….the kids! 🙂 What are you going to do?

  4. I grew up ten miles from Disneyland. I have been to Disney World once…in late June…and wanted to tell everyone there they could have had same experience, except fifteen degrees cooler and in California. We are headed back this year, in late June, courtesy of husband’s company. I am excited-ish.

    As West Coast folk, though, our go-to is Hawaii. Since I was 17, I have not gone more than three years without a trip the the islands. Maui is my favorite. There’s nothing like it.

    • Oooh, Hawaii. I’ve never been! It seems like the kind of place that you could just cry to have to leave. Keep that excited-ish (ha!) feeling. It’ll turn into outright excitement by trip’s end. No doubt! 🙂

  5. I heart Disney so much! Paxton is now three and I can hardly wait another year or so for us to take him. We took Jaana when she was five and it was so magical. 🙂

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