Do Something Fun

Barely able to contain her excitement at mama’s reaction, I watched my Sweetgirl out of the corner of my eye, yesterday, as I opened her Mother’s Day gift to me.  I unwrapped a lovingly made preschool painted print of her hand as a tree and her fingerprints as the flowers. Beautiful.  Then, I unrolled this interview paper:


I’m thrilled beyond belief to know that I’m still in my first decade of life, and that she recognized my deep and abiding love for ice cream. However, do you see that arrow up there on the left?  I had to work so stinkin’ hard not to cry when I got to that line.

Immediately, I started wondering what mental image, of me, my children will take into their adulthood’s.  “She doesn’t do anything for fun.”? OUCH!

Oh, how I want them to remember that mama did indeed have fun doing this most difficult and important job. Most of all? I want them to recall a mother who enjoyed being their mama.

The word “intentional” comes to mind here.  If that is truly how I want to shape their memories, then I do believe I’m going to have to do a little less of the head-down-finger-dance on the keyboard and a little more of this:

boogie_board_missindeedyThat is my mothering goal, moving forward.  It turns out that my Mother’s Day gift was a lesson.   One I’ve heard before, but clearly forgotten.

“Good, better, best;never let it rest.
Until your best is better, and your better is your best.”

If you’ll excuse me,  it’s time to go do something fun.

Be a mama to the two sweetest kidlets I know.

Yes indeedy.

16 thoughts on “Do Something Fun

  1. Oh, I laughed so hard when I read that she thinks you don’t do anything for fun!! I’m sure she wrote it because she just has a different perception of fun. But when I read that you like to play board games with her, I felt convicted!! I dread playing candyland and chutes and ladders with my kids!! They take so long and are so mindless for me! But the kiddos absolutley love board games! So tomorrow, I’m pulling out a game and playing with them!

  2. I was thinking of you and this post as I was trying to write mine tonight. I couldn’t think of anything that I had done that I thought was fun lately. : / What is up with that?!
    Those fill-in-the-blank things are hilarious. When Christian was little, he told his teacher (kindergarten I think) that Mike had caught a shark one time, and maybe even cooked it for dinner. ?! They come up with the craziest things!
    I look forward to hearing about all the fun you start having! 🙂

  3. LOL!!!!!!!! And yet one more thing we have in common. My darling daughter says the same about me, that all I do is type on the computer and write a blog that nobody reads. Well, here’s to both of us having more fun with the sweet kiddos! And might I say, you look fabulous for 6 or 7 years old! Wow! Great post!

  4. At least you’re young. That counts for a lot!
    I’ll just admit that I am super-glad my kids have outgrown the age where they have to fill in those survey things, because my kids said some doozies.

    Here’s to having fun!

    • Right? I’m thinking that instead of focusing on teaching to the test next year, I’m gonna focus on teaching her answers that won’t have me running for the hills.

  5. Wonderful piece! Henry did the same exercise at school….apparently I am 16, I cook turkey, and he “doesn’t know” what I do while he’s at school.

  6. Isn’t that the truth? We work so hard trying to be some superperson we will never be that we forget to have fun. And it doesn’t take much. Just lay on the grass sometime with a kid and look up at the clouds in the sky and compare what each of you sees. It truly is the simple things that warm our hearts.

    • It really doesn’t take much – and that’s the part that makes me cringe. Love the simple things, and they SO do too.

  7. Your post made me laugh because most of the kids I work with say their moms “don’t do anything” or even “sleep all day”!! Seriously!! The perception of kiddos! lol!!

    Your daughter will have a good work ethic from you. I can tell from your photos that you ARE a fun person, and I know your own kiddos will see that, too!! 😀

    • Aww, you are TOO kind! Is it wrong to admit that there are times when I sincerely wish I *could* sleep all day? 😉

  8. Oh, I needed this reminder! I am a better ‘me’ when I have fun, but fun gets lost amidst the responsibilities of life and schedule. I choose fun today! Even if I need to put it in my schedule, I am going to choose to do something fun every day this week and share that fun with those I love.

  9. I love your insight! I think it is easy to spend so much time getting wrapped up in the “business” of motherhood and overlooking the “fun” of it. I think I am often guilty of that too. Your goal of having intentional fun is a good one for all of us Moms to have.

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