Keeping With The Theme

I wanted to keep the “awww, ain’t that sweet?” theme going. 


Here y’all go.  Don’t be jealous now…


Sometimes, you just gotta schedule in the romance. Can I get an Amen?

Yes indeedy!


14 thoughts on “Keeping With The Theme

    • Pat, thank you, friend. I was matched up with someone who I don’t know. But, they did say that I should contact them 6 weeks beforehand to verify. So… just sayin’ that would give you another couple of weeks to sort it out. 😉

  1. A-MEN!!! Our goal is a hot breakfast date (literally, we want hot food) once a week when the littlest one is at mother’s morning out and her big sister at school. When we don’t have it, I. DIE. Love having that time to look forward to. Keep it up!!

    • I know, right. When the date gets close on the calendar – we both start praying the “please, please, pretty-please, God, do NOT let anyone get sick!” prayer. 😉

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