Decades and Celebrations

It’s Memorial Day.  You might have figured that out.

We’ve known for, oh… 74 days now, that Memorial Day was going to fall on a Monday.  And that meant, therefore, that there would be no school on that particular Monday.  And that made this guy, below here – deliriously happy!

No school? And a vacation day for daddy? And his birthday?

Could it get any better than that?

I think not.

Neither does he.

He_is_10_missindeedyTen years ago, today, this little guy struggled mightily to come into the world.  He brought smiles out with him.  He brings smiles with him, wherever he goes, even now.  His laugh is downright infectious.  His smile lights up a room (and our world).  He is caring and kind, and has a sense of humor that everyone gets a kick out of.

Most of all, though?

He is ours.

And we can’t believe that we are celebrating a decade of life with this handsome, quirky, smart, compassionate, and funny child.

Happy Birthday, Sweetboy!

We pray that God pours joy into your heart this year and draws you closer to His.

We love you so.

Yes indeedy!

12 thoughts on “Decades and Celebrations

  1. Happy BD to that Sweetboy! Hope you all have a fun day. Hope you read this tribute to him. It was awesome and all kids should know how we truly feel about them. Not that you don’t tell him, but the way you put the words together in this post were particularly poignant. OK, now I am rambling…..

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