Falling All Over Myself

It’s been an odd assortment of weeks around here.  The word “chaotic” doesn’t quite do them justice.

How-some-evah, I’ve been missing the writing community over at Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday Link Up.  And somethin’ fierce.

So it’s time to jump back in and write for five unedited minutes on this week’s topic.  Click the button below to join in or read what others had to say.




I’m reading many books at once.  I like to live dangerously that way.  This week, I read this in one of them- and it knocked the wind right outta my sails.

“We don’t want to fall. We like to see great testimonies of God’s grace, but we don’t want to be the testimony.” *

Out into the great unknown, I am allowing myself to fall.  Even as I type.

My words prove nothing to anyone and everything to me.  I find with each word that I type that I am, indeed, using the passion that’s been brewing inside of me, to affect change.

In myself, definitely.

And, prayerfully, in any one of the friends that are reading.

I want to be the testimony.  Right here.  In black and white, or grey and teal, or whatever other colors are used to type out these words.

The testimony I share can only be shared in bits and pieces, because there are so many.  No single grand event. Only snapshots of a life, that when finally put together into that cohesive scrapbook, tell a story of one redeemed by a grace that never fails.

One bit, one picture, is of this 40 something girl, finally learning to fall freely.  Knowing that wherever I land, whenever I land, God’s got this.


*One of the books I am currently reading is “Anything” by Jennie Allen.  This book is shaking me up.  Have you read it?  What were some of your greatest takeaways from this book?  What have you actually acted on because of it?  I love me a good book talk, so please, do share!

11 thoughts on “Falling All Over Myself

  1. What a great quote, Missy! I don’t like to fall, either, but you’re so right. And I’m with you, feeling like I’m putting out that testimony in my writing, and it sure can be humbling sometimes, but it’s also so powerful for me to at least see God’s work of grace in my life. Thanks for always sharing your testimony, Missy. You’re an encouragement and an example. ❤

  2. I love that you want to BE the testimony! I have never thought about falling in this way, but it is so true! I needed the reminder that God has got this, too. New things to ponder as I examine how I am falling, if I am falling freely and if I am trusting Him with where and how I land. Great post!

  3. Dear Missy
    At 40, dear one, you learn how to fall freely; at 50 you learn how to rest comfortably where you have landed after the fall. You realize that life is to short to be too serious!!! We do get up after a while though I need to add!
    Much love

  4. Missy, I need to come over here more often. You just make me smile, girl. Yes, I hear you–I don’t like the falling part of the journey, but it is so much of my story of His glory, His redemption, too. . . I love your heart in leaning in, full-on, unreservedly, letting Him come and showing us what He is doing, in you. What a powerful blessing this is. Thank you.

  5. Ah, yes, so true…we all love resurrection, but do we love the death that precedes it? It is what I have been talking to God about….death is painful, even the non physical kind, the emotional dying to self…but it is the path of new life…I hear you, my friend…love it 🙂

  6. Awww, Missy – this is wonderful. So glad you’re learning to fall freely. It’s so hard sometimes. I guess it’s quite a bit easier when you know who’s there every step of the way, especially when you land. And thanks for the book recommendation. The excerpt alone sounds fantastic. I’m gonna buy it and add it to my list. My summer reading is shaping up.

  7. WOW !!! We do love to read the old stories of faith being tested and Gods grace within but we want (heck even expect) a comfort life. We do not desire the testing. We do not want to fall yet that is the thing that really strengthens our faith, Thanks you so much for sharing these powerful words today, I really need to get that book ASAP!!

  8. I too am learning to free fall, straight into His arms. I know He is there to catch me, so why do I hesitate? I’ve not yet read Jennie’s book. Perhaps I should! Blessings!

  9. Linking up behind you over at FMF. Funny, I wrote about nearly the same thing! Haha. He does have this. So I am going to enjoy the journey I am on and can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

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