Bound Up

Wouldn’t it be something if we didn’t act in ways that forced us to seek grace?

I think about that, in my quieter moments.

Because, if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you can imagine how often, mercy, I must seek grace.

Not being one with a tendency toward quiet and gentle, I have to work overly hard to cease All The Talking and All The Busy.  I have to work harder, still, to quiet my thoughts and my mouth enough to hear those Petal Soft Whispers meant for my ears alone.

I fail at this – this getting quiet.  Again. And again.

But, for every mishap, there is grace.  And for each grace extended, my hands reach out a little more thankfully, and a little more desperately, for it.

My understanding of God’s grace for my mistakes has changed.  I’m becoming more aware of my deep need for it. Always.

I used to think I didn’t need it.  That one little mistake, one little sin,  one little lie or mishap, wasn’t grace-worthy.  But each one was.  Oh, how they were.

And are.

Then, after a while of living life and seeing the many ways I was capable of messing up a day, I began to think that maybe only the bigger mistakes needed the desperate pleas for grace.

Each request was met with a resounding “Yes.  My grace is sufficient for you.”  For this mistake.  For these many.

And now, now, I am in constant need of All The Grace that my God will so mercifully dish out.   I’m more than desperate for it.

I’ve come to realize that I am destitute without it.


Without it.

I truly have come to understand that:

I came into this world needing a Savior.

Many a thing has happened along the way to alter the depth of my need for a Savior.

Chief among those things, is my knack for finding a pit to grovel in.

My need for my Savior grows exponentially.

And while His grace is, indeed, sufficient for me, I still willingly covet it.

Because I am destitute without it.

Furthermore, and truly, furthermore, I am destitute without Him;

My savior.

My Jesus.

My all.

One hundred times one million THANK YOU JESUS’, wouldn’t be enough.  He took this broken heart bleeding with need and bound it up with the very fibers of His being.  Oh, thank you God.  May I never take this healing for granted.  May I never forget how strong my heart is now that it is bound up with You, by You, and for You.


Yes indeedy.

26 thoughts on “Bound Up

  1. Missy, I love the word grace. It has always been one of my favorite words of God as I also “am destitute without it.” Boy could I relate when you shared: “Not being one with a tendency toward quiet and gentle, I have to work overly hard to cease All The Talking and All The Busy. I have to work harder, still, to quiet my thoughts and my mouth enough to hear those Petal Soft Whispers meant for my ears alone.” While I’m not generally a talkative and outgoing person, I definately always struggle with the “gentle” and “busy” parts and when in the heat of my struggles, I struggle with all of it – talking, rather than listening for those whispers from God. Thanks for sharing. I love this post on Psalm 147:3 – being bound in His love and grace.

    • Katrina, thank you. I find it ironic that my fingers are sometimes just as busy and talkative as my mouth is – nowadays. Oh, for the grace!

  2. I love reading your blog and how you word things, and your writing style. I, too, have a hard time sitting still and quieting my mind, and can completely relate to the progression you’ve made in thinking of what you need and didn’t need His Grace for. It’s amazing how freely and willingly it’s given, especially when we can make the same mistake over and over again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I need His grace too – thank you for sharing your thoughts and being so honest. Love it!

    BTW – I love your comments on other blogs – you are such an encourager!

  4. Oh, Missy, I am the same way. How often I need to seek grace!! But what a blessing it’s there. And as I’ve gotten older, the more thankful I am for it — because I’ve only needed it more. Beautiful words and I love the picture! Great shot! ❤

  5. Grace much greater than all our sins. Sometimes I have to watch my mouth too. I’m getting better all the time because of these studies. I love your poem about coming into the world needing a savior. WOW! You poured yourself into this post. Love it. Picture is awesome too!!!!

    • Thank you. Those mouths – James had it right on. That tongue – it is mighty. I so appreciate the community we create for each other.

  6. Oh how I struggle with the same thing!! Stillness and silence are all I crave — but I can’t do it when I have the opportunity. Without His grace, I am a mumbling heap on the floor. Loved this, friend!

  7. I hear you, girl! That’s me in a nut shell! I’m not quiet or gentle either, and I so speak before I think! I am in need of God’s grace, daily. ( I guess we all are for one reason for another). I am so thankful for His grace. It amazes me!!!

    • Diane – I love how we find our similarities and know that God did not leave us here to walk this LOUD road inside of our heads and hearts alone. So thankful with you!

  8. The older I get I realize I need to embrace grace instead of beating myself up. I’m not perfect and never will be. God’s grace covers that and he doesn’t expect me to be perfect. He just wants me to be the best I can be in that situation.

    • Jamie – you and me both, sister. I think that’s about the most perfect and simple way to put it: “God’s grace covers.” Indeed.

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