Rhythm Sticks




There is a predictable rhythm to the days during the school year.  Now that summer has graced us with her presence, I find that rhythm interrupted in all the right ways.  Lazy mornings are spent waffling, the edible way.  Bike rides are taken, the leisurely way. Play dates are spent poolside, dripping wet and exhausted from all of the playing.

The summer routine isn’t.  And this family needs that.  We schedule, because we have to.  Pervasive Developmental Disorder does not like unstructured days and activities that have no defined ending and beginning.  But this mama’s heart needs that sometimes.  And some of the other family members do, too.

So it is provided.  The child who needs the routine and structure and predictable rhythm to his days seems to be endowed with an extra measure of grace and willingness to roll with it; just during these precious summer months.  This is a gift.  We all know it.

And we all cling to it.


Yes indeedy.

I’m joining in with my community of friends and fellow writers and heart-sharers over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday place. If you’d like to read what others had to say about Rhythm, or add your own thoughts, join us by clicking the button below. Happy Friday my friends!



12 thoughts on “Rhythm Sticks

  1. i have noticed that myself – that those times we must deviate from the norm, an extra measure of grace is poured into our dish. And somehow we ALL manage even though it would normally be an issue. Enjoy these sweet days 🙂

  2. Oooh awesome! Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with organized and structured and scheduled spontaneity! Enjoy your fun-filled waffling and bike rides and pool days. Enjoy this new summer time rhythm, sweet friend.

  3. Oh yes, I am so impressed that you have the gumption to roll with it during these happy summer months. What a great attitude. You ROCK! And I am praying a double portion back on you – especially on the days when the need for structure becomes very clear. May you be blessed as you soak up the wonder of your peeps and your summer.

  4. Learning to manage the rhythm of our kids within the rhythm of the family is such a balancing act but produces such a beautiful song when it happens

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  6. Dear Missy
    I am an arty, totally unstructured kind of person and structure, at the best of times, is usually absent from my life. Still, I do manage to get things done. My husband, on the other hand, is a very organized, structured person and we fill each each other’s shortcomings beautifully.
    Much love XX

  7. Good morning! So glad I ended up right beside you in the link up! I have a child or two who need to have some structure to their days – unpredictability is not welcomed unless it’s HER idea. But yes, sometimes we Mamas need our children to just roll with the changes and somehow, by the grace of God, they do just that. Great post!

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