Winner of Book Giveaway!

Thanks to some randomosity (I am so totally claiming that word as an original!), commenter #3 is the winner.  Here’s the picture of the thingy.


And, it looks like according the time stamps, that would be Barbie who said, “I have a big list, and haven’t even started yet. Top of my list is You Were Made For a God-Sized Dream. Must learn to dream again!”

Congratulations Barbie!  Email me at missindeedy at yahoo dot com with your address and I’ll get those two books right out to ya!

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone!  Lots of good reading material to choose from.

Yes indeedy!

2 thoughts on “Winner of Book Giveaway!

  1. Congrats Barbie! Missy I love your word and the idea that you can go to a site and have it randomly picked! Brilliant 🙂

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