One For the Curators Among Us

Recently, a sweet bloggy friend posted before and after pics of completely realistic and doable DIY projects for each room (YES – there IS such a thing!) So inspirational, that one.  When you get a minute, go check her out over at The Domestic Fringe.

Anyhoo, my friend spoke of needing her kitchen to be a happy place.  This made complete sense to me.  And, it inspired me to show you a picture of the one happy place in my own kitchen – the window above the sink. Your happy place might be in the bedroom, or bathroom, or office.  I choose to make my “happy place” in my kitchen, because what I have to do in there does not –no, it does not- make me happy. Also, it’s the only part of my kitchen that is decorated in any way, shape, or form.

The day that the cooking and decorating genes were handed out?  I was totally absent. The only thing that I do in the kitchen that makes me “happy”, is when I get to clean.  Not. Even. Kidding.  And, while I love a good cleaning bender as much as the next obsessive-compulsive person, I honestly abhor cooking. To be quite frank, I only cook because people in my home, whom I cherish, must eat to live..

But, there is grace. God did see fit to bless me with an amazing mother-in-law. She received both of those genes, and the decorating sense, in spades; and, thank goodness.  Without her near constant help influence, my house would be a hot mess of white walls! And I’m about 101% certain that it’s difficult to turn white walls into a hot mess.

When we moved in, she encouraged me to pick out a fabric so that she could make cute little curtains for each window. She told me where I might consider hanging them. (I must admit, right here and right now, that I had no idea that curtains could be hung at different places within a window!)

After I chose a fabric (seriously people, that, in and of itself was a harrowing enough experience!), my mother-in-love took pity on me and made the curtains, bought the rods, and showed me exactly where to hang them.  She also provided the idea for the little lights above the window in the kitchen. But, I did actually go hunting for, and string up, the rice lights all by my self.  True story.

The rest of the stuff (I like to use terribly complex decorating terminology) along the windowsill, though, is all me.  Maybe I shouldn’t state that so arrogantly.  Especially as I eyeball the pictures I’m about to share with you.  Maybe I should say,  um… I did the best I could with the decorating skills God gave me?

Okay, one more thing before “unveiling” the pictures that I am about positive all of you can wait for.

Is it just me, or does every decorating expert, article, or show seem to have an obsession for the word “curate”?  What happened to the word “organize”?  Is that word now completely defunct? Where was I when “organize” morphed into “curate”?  Oh, the questions I have…

Alrighty then.  Let’s play show and tell.

Here is my happy place.

In the kitchen.

Go easy on me.

Stalling much?



That long painted beach scene board I picked up at an arts & crafts fair on Long Beach Island, one summer.  I made the “Be Intentional” print and put it into a picture frame to remind me of my One Word for 2013.  That lovely baby poop brown “sculpture” to the left of the white frame was lovingly handcrafted by my Sweetboy.  We are attempting to grow a carrot.  In a very small pot.  I’m not sure how that logically will work.  But, I’m rolling with it.  Then, over there on the right, I have my treasures.  My fishy bowl of dark chocolates, mason jar of favorite shells, and my Journey monthly devotional magazine.

Seriously, what else could a girl want in her corner to bring her contentment?

So, tell me! Where’s your happy place?

13 thoughts on “One For the Curators Among Us

  1. The lovely red table and chairs is my new “happy place”. Can’t use it until the baby swallows leave…I’ve had to take the cushions off and move some other things because they also love the front porch so much, they’re hanging around pooping everywhere!! LOL

  2. Catching up on my blog reading… Oh girl, you crack me up! And I LOVE your happy place! This post makes me sooooo very happy. I just don’t know if we could be any more like two peas in a pod. Seriously. The whole (hate) cooking and (love) cleaning thing? I hear ya! I do like to decorate though, and I think I like to curate if it means what you say it means. I’m kinda out of the loop on fancy decorating terminology. Oh, and to answer your question, my happy place is at the computer desk in my bedroom. Excellent post, my friend.

  3. My happy place is our bedroom. A couple years ago we finally decluttered the area and moved all the clothing to the two bedrooms the boys previously used. The colors are gray/lavender/silver and black. I have lots of photos I have taken in black and white and some in color. Got cheap frames and I love it…peaceful and calming. The adjoining powder room is very girly and I have scarves, hats and flowers all over the place as well as a photo board there to remind me of my healthy family to be thankful for. The other place is the back deck in the early morning or evening. Birds, trees, nature, God’s creation. Now, don’t look under the bed because there are many bunnies of the dust variety living there:). I’ll let that be my anti-Martha moment.

  4. What a wonderful little happy place. I love it!

    And when I first began reading this post, I was shocked, SHOCKED to see the domestic fringe mentioned. Seriously, thank you. I am blown away, because I am no DIY or decorating expert, not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just trying to be honest with the internet and be real about my home. I appreciate the shout-out. Thanks again!

  5. I love your kitchen windows!! Like I needed more proof we are kindred souls…but I ABHOR cooking. There is zero joy, passion or love in it for me. It’s purely functional. My kitchen is my happy place, though, because that’s where my coffee maker lives. 🙂

  6. So cute! I especially love how you printed and framed your OneWord. Now you have me thinking. . . My happy place would be my bulletin board just to the left of my desk. It is plastered with photos and motivational scriptures and quotes.

    • I love bulletin boards! I’m pretty sure I saw that frame/one word idea on another blog and just hijacked it did the best I could. 😉

  7. I think this a VERY pretty window!! It says a LOT about YOU and the things/people you love. ❤

    I love the idea of a happy place, Missy. You know why? Yesterday I was talking to my pastor about our attitude of gratitude, and how I'm trying very hard to NOT complain anymore about having to do dishes (yes, I am the EXACT opposite of you…I like to cook, but hate to clean!! HA!). Instead of being grumpy, I need to be THANKFUL that I have dishes to do or that I'm even able to wash the dishes. 😉

    Every house we've lived in has had a kitchen window, and I guess that used to be my happy place. I loved it that I could clean the kitchen and also be able to watch my children playing outside or God's creation. This is our first summer without kids home, and I've been a little bummed, so you've given me an assignment to find a NEW happy place. Thank you!! 😀

    • I’ve got it…it’s my front porch!! I’ve got pretty flowers and God’s creation, but you’ll have to wait for the picture. It’s been taken hostage by baby swallows!! LOL

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