And Then We…

I wanted to first say THANK YOU for praying!  My friend did receive good news a few days ago, and the cancer has not spread. I was praying in earnest, as I know so many of you were, too.  Those prayers… they are precious to me.  And more importantly, to my sweet friend.  Whom I love.

So, again, I am so very grateful for your prayers on her behalf.


Summer activity is in full swing around here.  And we like that.  It reminds us that there is a beginning (of All The Fun) and an end (of All The School).  We get to languish in the mornings, eat lunch on the deck, and rustle up dinner whenever we want to.  There is water to be played in and ice cream to be consumed.  It is all a sweet balm to this mama’s heart. And to my sweet children’s hearts, too.

As we make preparations to head down to Florida to see Captain Ahab and The Nana for most of July, I thought I’d show y’all what we were up to last week.  Because, who doesn’t like pictures to remind us of The Joy? (Although, I beg you to ignore the fact that I chose to hold up my Coke Zero like I was in an advertisement for the thing. Sigh…)

But, aside from that… LOOK!  Summer!

Yes, indeedy!


Happy Summer!

4 thoughts on “And Then We…

  1. This is a late post, but I wanted to let you know that I love the way you approach vacation time with the children. Our boys are 18 months apart and once they got into school, I couldn’t wait for them to be home. No more alarm clocks, no schedules , just hanging around looking for cheap entertainment. I was fortunate not to work while while the boys were in school. In the summers we would go to the library, or just hang around the house ( mind you, we are not bats) and find cheap movies to see. We didn’t have money for camps and special lessons for the kids. We did VBS for about 5 years. Occasionally, the computer games got out of control and I had to reign them in 🙂 I think that type of bonding made all the difference. They did do two weeks of local Boy Scout camp every year and they learned a lot from their many years in scouts. They are now 26 and 28 yrs old. Good kids. Happy Mommy.

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