Just Do Something!

It’s in the myriad bloggers and authors, musicians and artists, and everyday men and women who are choosing to use their platform for God’s greater good.  Right here, on this earth.

Each time I see an Exodus Road badge on a blog, every time a musician donates proceeds to World Vision, every time a church sends a team to build for Habitat for Humanity, each pair of shoes brought to children who have none by people working on the ground floor of Samaritan’s Feet, I see it.  And it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

It’s in the neighbor that mows our lawn because our lawn mower is in the shop for the fourth week in a row.  It’s in the community leader who organizes a rotation of meals for the family that has been struggling with medical bills from a surprise life-threatening diagnosis.  I see the mom offering to watch another mom’s children during a much hoped for job interview.

I’ve been praying “Anything!” And, I want to do what I can, when I can, and how I can.  At this stage of life, though, with two small children and one who needs my presence more often than typical children do, I feel limited in my ability. I don’t want to use my family dynamics as an excuse for why I “could never…”.

But, I’ve noticed something as my eyes continue to be opened to the need around me. If I continually pray for awareness of those needs, and if I stay open to the Holy Spirit’s nudgings, there are needs a’plenty. And, I can certainly do something while I wait to do anything.

I am able to donate baby mattresses to a local Domestic Abuse Shelter.  I can mention a Christian Sports Organization like Upwards to those lamenting the onset of Sunday morning games in my community. I can offer free tutoring services to the single mother who struggles to make ends meet, let alone help her child succeed in school.  These are all things that point people toward Jesus.  And they are all actions that allow me to just do something.

Are you waiting for a big anything?  Are you missing a million somethings?

Can I encourage you to open your eyes to what you can do, to be the hands and feet of Christ anywhere you can?Because, the true blessing, whether physically or spiritually fulfilled, that you will get from doing something for others? It’s immense. And immediate.

Who doesn’t want that?

I am reminded of the passage found in both Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4  that tells us, “For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on.”

And, I recall the story of the widow in 1 Kings 17:8-15 who heeded to call to give even what she didn’t believe she had.

God further challenges us, in Malachi 3:10, directly, to test and see if He won’t “…pour out so much blessing we can’t contain it all.”

As if that’s not enough of a call to just do something, I want to please God. I just want to please Him.  That should be enough of a reason, right there, shouldn’t it?

Yes indeedy!


What is one thing that you can do?  Or that you already do? Please, share!  Give us more ideas for ways to be the hands and feet of Christ right where we stand?  Or wherever we are being led!

12 thoughts on “Just Do Something!

  1. Yes, Missy, thank you for the reminder that we can each do something, and for those who are housebound…one can always pray and God can move in mighty ways…write a note or email to encourage someone…collect food for a food pantry…blessings to you, sweet friend 🙂

    • Oh Dolly – the prayers of a righteous man or woman really do avail much, don’t they? Such a great point! Blessings back to you, friend!

  2. Oh, Missy, you do make us look deeply into our souls. My vision for 2013 was to share His word through written cards of encouragement to those who are ill, mourning a loss or celebrating an anniversary or birthday. I’ve found so many verses that hit the mark. Sometimes I have to pray and ask God to lead me to the correct verse. Then I go snail mail. I have a friend who is moving back to our area and I know she is unemployed, getting housing through assistance and is a great person. She had a stroke a few years ago and never quite recovered, and doesn’t qualify for disability for some reason. I can’t wait to help her out with groceries and household items when she moves back. We give monthly to a mission in Kenya and are helping out some wounded soldiers who need assistance. I’ve stopped buying clothes, shoes and purses I don’t really needand we dont go out to eat as oftenas we used to so that i can keep our budget in line. My most awesome gift was last year around Thanksgiving when I noticed a local Amish family had a chimney fire and had to replace part of their roof. No one was injured, but I am sure they were frightened. I don’t even know their names. God kept telling me to help them out financially. I wrote a card put some cash in it and did not sign it. I drove up to their house, spoke to the dad who was outside and told Him that God had put upon my heart to help them with these unexpected repairs. I could tell he was so stunned….an awesome moment in my life. By listening to God’s whispers in my life, I can make a difference in someone else’s life….and with no really hardship on my part. God is good. Keep Listening. Thanks Missy for your blog. Love and prayers.

    • Sheila, in this digital age, nothing makes my own heart smile more than a real card or note that I can hold in my hand. I believe that vision is a gift. Your heart must surely expand to bursting each time you write, no? Listening to God’s whispers takes practice and a desire to do so – but we are always filled with such joy when we do, right? Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Pleasing God and pointing people toward Jesus. Amen. I knew getting my “Missy fix” would bless my heart. This very topic has been weighing so heavily on my heart for quite a while. And instead of actually doing something, ANYTHING, I’ve been gathering up thoughts in my head, thinking about ideas for a book and/or a mission project, and drafting a few blog posts, you know, ’cause I’m really good about blogging about such things… Well, thank you, Missing, for reminding us all that we may be missing a millions somethings.

    • Oh no – thank YOU. Your post recently on this similar idea got my brain goin’. Big time! Blessed by you, friend!

  4. Love this, love this, love this!!!! 😀

    1) You can volunteer in the elementary schools by listening children read, making copies, grading papers for teachers or cutting out things for the teachers.
    2) You can make cookies: leave in the office for the teachers, give a plate to you neighbors (older, single men love this!), give some to a mom with little ones at home (she’ll be too busy to make homemade cookies in the summer)
    3) Make a meal for a friend who is especially busy right now or going through a rough time
    4) Volunteer at your local YMCA (they have Y-pals where you can go eat lunch with a child and/or provide healthy snacks for children of low-income families)

    • Oh Pat! I never had any idea about #4. I am going to look into my local YMCA’s and ask about that. That just speaks right into my heart. Thank you!

  5. You’re so right Missy. There are tons of things we can be involved in right around us….the little things, but I think sometimes it’s a lifetime of little things that really add up.

    How about local women’s shelters? We’ve provided them supplies before. They house abused women and their children. They always need things!

    And Care Net. I love that organization. It’s a pregnancy crisis counseling center. We’ve had baby showers for them before. Sometimes we only think we can help when it’s something around the world, but there’s probably an organization around the corner that needs a little support.

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