Love, Mercy

Dear Hurting,

I love you.

You are never too far away.

You have fallen.  Let me help you up.

What you have done, can indeed be forgiven.

I will never leave you.

I will not break my promises.

I don’t lie.

I am here.





11 thoughts on “Love, Mercy

  1. Thank you Missy. As usual God’s timing is perfect. I needed to hear this. Love you girl. I hope to catch the next hop.


  2. He is there for us, accepts us as we are and wants to help us,,,,why is it so difficult to mold that into everyday thinking, not just when things get rough and tough.? It keeps me studying, keeps me seeking more of Him in my life. Thanks Sis.

    • Sheila – the thought you wrote of here, “molding that into everyday thinking” – I’m hanging on to that!

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