A Salty Story


The question was posed over and over and over again, this past weekend.

“What’s your story?”

The carefully crafted one minute snapshot of all that I hoped to convey through my words, whether written or spoken.

I had to be able to get right down to brass tacks and pique enough curiosity to spur a desire to know more.

And I wrestled.  Oh, how I wrestled.  The urge to blurt out, “My story isn’t anything special or exciting.” overtook me every time that question was asked. Despite my well thought-out pitch.

And it isn’t.

Except that it is.

Precisely because it’s mine.

God did not create me to be tasteless.  He created me to be salt.

And while salt surely can inflict pain, I prefer to think of my saltiness as being more curative. Much like the salt covering placed over foods to keep them from spoiling in historic times.

You see, I’ve felt spoiled.  I’ve known what it is to see my own flesh rotting on my bones; to smell it’s putrid stink.

And yet, there was One who redeemed me.  And stooped down to cover me with His grace galore.  A salty slathering of love reminding me that my story?  It needed to be told.

I shared it willingly.   With each person that asked, I shared of the grace I am smothered in.

And it was Spirit and Truth in each grain of salty goodness.

Yes indeedy.

It surely was.

I’ve so missed my friends over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday Link Up.  I’m joining in because my mind is still spinning with all of the salt and light that was shed at the SheSpeaks Conference, last weekend.  If you’d like to read what others felt led to write about this, hop on over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s place by clicking the button below.  Or, better yet, join in.  Just write for 5 minutes without editing or re-writing.  Happy Friday my friends!


22 thoughts on “A Salty Story

  1. Yes! My story is special because it is mine! And oh I love salt. I can’t get enough. So thankful He created us to be salty!

  2. I love the salt analogy. And that really is what we’re called to be, isn’t it? In some ways, my post was similar- it’s hard not to see our own stories as ‘ordinary’ sometimes, I think. But a story of Spirit and Truth, seasoned with grace, never really is, I don’t think.

  3. You go, girl! Just as I finished my FMF for this week, I came over here to read yours. We’re like two peas in pod, I tell ya. Our stories, feeling like they’re nothing special. But they are. And they need to be told. I so needed to hear this right now. You said it, my friend. You said it!

    • You know that’s exactly why I think you da bomb diggety, right Rebecca Jo? RIGHT?!?!! And OH STARS – how I need that Living Water to quench me when my salt is a little overboard.

  4. Oh mylanta yes… God did not create me to be tasteless. He created me to be salt. smothered in grace….salty goodness indeedy!

    Love and hugs to you, friend!
    and girl–for the record–your seasoning keeps me wanting to come back for more 😉

    • Love and hugs back to you Nikki! That salty seasoning is, I think, why so many of us circle around the same buffet table of goodness. We know that the flavor is God-given. Right on!

  5. Yay! Let’s hear it for our stories! You are the salt of the earth, and you know it. Keep sharing sister, the world loves a good story! And you sure know how to tell one 🙂

    • Out of that shaker, Miss Salty – now THAT’S a book title if I’ve ever heard one, Dawn. Love it! And… thank you loads for the encouragement.

    • Marcy, that is just too kind! I love how FMF connects us to others’ writing that we may never have found otherwise. Thank you for the encouragement!

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