An Ode to Mondays (of Sorts)


You know that I like to keep it real around here.  So, in an effort to provide full disclosure, I thought you should all know how I really feel about Mondays.

Mondays, Oh Mondays…

How I detest thee.

The earlier the rise,

The more I despise,

All things related to thee.

Mornings, Oh mornings…

When you walk hand in hand with Those Mondays,

You are detestable too.

Yes indeedy.

The End.

(I never claimed to be a poet.  I do, however, claim to have an Eeyore streak. (Remember that?)

The only thing  – no make that things, there are three, actually – making this particular Monday bearable are:

  • Coffee (always blessed coffee)
  • A Skype session (with a dear online friend)
  • VBS at our new church (that I am not working!) HELLO!  I will have the entire house to myself for 2.2 glorious hours (I had to factor in the driving to and fro).  Oh, yes I do!

I know God made every day to be a gift, but really… I’d like to visit the returns department for most Mondays out of the year. How ’bout you?  Do you love Mondays?  Detest them?  Not really give two hoots?  I do. Tell me! I need to know who my real friends are.  Oh, I jest… you are SO all my real friends.


17 thoughts on “An Ode to Mondays (of Sorts)

  1. Love your ode!!! I’m beginning to think that weekends are missing a day. You know one for running around and getting out of the house and doing stuff, one for staying home and doing the weekend jobs, and one for church. Clearly Monday is in the way of that! On the upside, Monday does mean that three of us are off to work or school leaving the house significantly quieter for yours truly. Bring on next year I say when they’ll all be off and I get the place to myself 😉

  2. The dreaded Monday. For the Mon-Fri work grind, it’s a bear. In the past I would plan something I really liked for dinner, not spectacular, just a favorite. It might be frozen pizza or tacos or lasagna (that I had made weeks ahead and frozen and then remember to take out and thaw). My position at work changed and now I wear regular people clothes instead of scrubs. I have 5 pairs of slacks and several tops, so I always plan one of my favorite outfits for Monday. It might include a piece of jewelry I really like or a scarf. It’s kind of off the wall, but it gets me going. Well, I still lay in bed until the last possible minute to make it to work on time.

    • Sheila, your positive and practical strategizing have led me to decide that you should buy a home on my street so that you can just walk me thru my messes. Sound good? 😉

  3. I used to have a coworker, who when asked how he was doing any any given time on a Monday, would say, “It’s Monday all day!” Always made me chuckle. I LOVED OUR FACE TIME!!! 🙂

  4. Friend, with your bright cheery self as a roommate I never knew you felt this wat. Thanks for coming clean! Now doesn’t that feel better 😉 ? BLessings and a brilliant day xox Shandra

  5. Monday is the hardest day to pull myself out of bed to face. Mondays seem to set the tone for the rest of the week plus bear the burden of addressing the physical remnants of the weekend. This morning I am filling a page with things I am thankful for before I face the to-do list because I need a better perspective than the lazy one I woke up with! Enjoy your VBS week!

    • Oh my, Debbie! Yes – it certainly does (love that string of words together about addressing physical remnants of the weekend.) a thankful heart is a blessed one, isn’t it?

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