I Used To Think I Needed People

I used to think I needed “people”.

Last year, if you had asked me if I could ever see myself joining an online Bible study, I may well have gotten a good long chuckle out of the question. I’m a people person, you see.  I am invigorated and filled with joy at being with others.  Being able to reach out and hug the neck of a friend, or lay a reassuring hand on the shoulder of another mama, or look into the eyes of a sister and share in some joy with her?  That’s The Stuff I live for.

But, God…

He had other plans for me.

Life turns, as it is want to do. And as I looked around me at All The Quiet and the lack of necks to hug, I realized that I had a choice to make.  I could say #YesToGod in whatever He had for me in this new season; or, I could stand with my hands clenched tight wondering about the road ahead and what it would look like and where it would lead and if I would like it and… That’s no way to spend a day. Or a season. It’s just not.

So… I heard the messages God seemed to be sending me.  The ones he sent through His Word. The ones He sent through precious friends urging me to stay plugged in, For The Love.  He sent me a podcast or three, and a radio broadcast or two, and a magazine article or four, about the growing trend of online Bible study.

Light dawned on this marble head of mine.

I heard.

My heart said, “Yes God. I will do this thing. I’ll engage right here.”

Although it felt like a small thing, this yes to God, it wasn’t.

I am beginning to see that it was a surrender. And a beautiful one at that.

I stood ready to be amazed by what this new obedience would bring.

And, what did it bring?

It brought a much deeper appreciation for the self-discipline required to crack open the Word of God with the intent of digging in deeper. Without a team to urge you on in person, or a table with 10 sets of eyes looking at you for your next thought on a passage of scripture, or the agenda for the next hour and a half in front of you and the clock to remind you that you need to stick to it.  Thank God for giving us a spirit of self-discipline!  I’ve been needing that Spirit, something fierce, these last few months.

This particular “yes” to God brought a realization of how very different the rhythms of online Bible study are than in real life Bible study.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are all available to me 24/7.  I can hop on and engage in a conversation about what all of this obedience looks like whenever I am able, or whenever I feel led to.

And, maybe most significantly, my “yes” brought me back to an awareness of my need for daily grace. What attempts to compete for God’s attention for you, my friend?  Because, this little sinner can tell you, the list is long over here.  L.O.N.G.  And it can even get a little whack-a-mole ish.  My husband pops up and says things like, “Hey! Remember me?  We used to kiss a lot.”  And just when I think I’ve got the endless stream of twitter feed/facebook status/blog comments under control,  the Sweet Children pop their noses up close to mine and attempt to nuzzle, reminding me that there is real life love to be given, too.  And don’t even get me started on the dust bunnies that come out of nowhere, the books piled high in hopes of being read, or the magazines from 2011 that hope to be perused in this decade.

That little yes that I uttered? It brought a beauty to obedience that I’d never seen before.  It brought a startling beauty to surrender. I can maneuver through my day knowing that God will be woven throughout every thought, word, and deed.  I can do no thing apart from Him anyway.


In saying yes, God gave me the eyes to see and the ears to hear that I don’t necessarily need “people”. But I do necessarily need Him.

And in Him I will remain.

Yes indeedy.

I’m participating in a weekly blog hop over at Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Study.  If you’d like to read how other hearts are responding to the book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lysa TerKeurst, click the button below!


23 thoughts on “I Used To Think I Needed People

  1. I have been led to this beautiful group of ladies who may be in different seasons of their lives, but have one thing in common, seeking Him. You made me realize that I have grown in self-discipline. But it probably has more to do with the subject matter and the great groups we have created. In contemplation of the overall feel, I think it is the non-judgemental attitudes here that keep me coming back. I may read a chapter or verse and get one thing out of it and you may get something totally different out of it. Neither of us is wrong, but we are free to share our thoughts and allow others’ thoughts make us dig a bit deeper into the word. Much love amd prayers to you all….

  2. LOVE this… “This particular ‘yes’ to God brought a realization of how very different the rhythms of online Bible study are than in real life Bible study. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are all available to me 24/7. I can hop on and engage in a conversation about what all of this obedience looks like whenever I am able, or whenever I feel led to.”

    So indeed, we are still in relationships and conversations, *connecting* with people, even though it might not be face-to-face. Isn’t God amazing?? =) Love your perspective! =)

    ~Steph (OBS Team Leader)

  3. I love it! What a great blog. I love when you can see the humor a person has too. Thank you for sharing with us! #Amazed

  4. What a very timely post!! So funny that my son calls me a hermit these days and I’m totally cool with that since it has done nothing but bring me closer to God!! Love this OBS, love this post and love this God of ours—what a work He is doing in us all 🙂 Love ya girl–thanks for sharing.

    • Girl, I love the community that has been forged through studying God’s Word- and thru serving Him together. It is – blessing. Thank you for the encouragement, friend!

  5. This was truly just what I needed to hear!! My son calls me a hermit these days and I’m like, for this season I’m cool with that since I’m closer to God than ever before. Thanks for sharing and loved, loved, loved it!!


  6. Sharing your blog everywhere girl! While Im not generally a people person like you, I can so relate to what youve shared regarding OBS. Saying yes to this has definitely not turned out to be a small thing. God has used it to lead me to so many more yeses and blessings! #Amazed for sure! My list of distractions can be quite long too Missy. More than I would lime to admit sometimes! You have me crackin up with thw whole whack a mole ish thing!!! Really, im dying over it over here :D. Love it, love your post, love you!

    • Thank you so Stinkin’ much, Katrina! I am blessed by how differently we can all travel this road- and yet the camaraderie we can all still feel along the way! The bonding power of Christ! Love you, girl!!!

  7. “But God…” … those 2 words get me every time!

    You are SOOO right! I’m a ‘people person’ too but mercy! What a way to learn & study & worship – by ourselves with God – but connected with others. I love the self-discipline it has shown me I have… & I also love the friends I’m making through this outlet. People I may not hug in person, but in my heart, when I read their words, I give a hug too in my own way.
    So know I’m hugging you in my heart right now 🙂

  8. love the whack-a-mole-ish description… so true. Appreciate the reminder to let go and let God… only in our surrender can the true work begin… love you girl, thanks for your openness and willing to share.

  9. Well now, that is simply a beautiful way to start this new season of yours. I love what you learned here in saying “yes” to God. I’m always amazed at how we’re humbled in ways we least expect. You, a people person, have been led to participate in quiet online Bible study. And I, not a people person, am feeling the tug to lead an in-person Bible study. Oh, my friend, you have just reminded and encouraged me of how important it is to say yes to God. And John 15:4? Amen.

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