It’s a Good Day When…

So, you may remember that Sweetgirl took off for Kindergarten yesterday. I survived. She thrived.


Pretty great story, huh?

But wait! There’s more…

I was cleaning out the refrigerator and  freezer (because HELLO! You can totally do things like that when the house is quiet.  Don’t ask me why the house has to be quiet for me to be able to clean out a fridge.  I don’t understand it either.  But it does. And it was. ) And a couple of interesting things happened.

First of all, I know you are So Stinkin Stoked to read on.  Who wouldn’t want to know more about what some random person that you “know” on the Internet found while cleaning out their fridge and freezer.  I mean, could it get any better than that??


So, while cleaning out the fridge, I came across this lovely thing:

Cracked_Up_Fridge_MissindeedyNow, my fingers were Oh So Glad that they didn’t find this before my eyes did. Since I am prone to passing out at the sight of my own blood; and I was home alone at the time… Are you tracking me? I could have bled out, for crying out loud! And we’ll just leave it at that.  God is good.

Moving on…

I found something truly special, though, stashed in one of Sweetman’s frosty mugs in the freezer.  Not. Even. Kidding. And I know he didn’t put them there, because he doesn’t even like these things. I blame genetic free-fall for forgetting I’d hidden them there.  I don’t even care how long they’ve been in hiding.  They are mine. All mine.


Guess what mama’s havin’ for dessert tonight?!?  Thin Mints, I heart thee. Oh, yes indeedy!

AND AND AND, Sweetman just leaned over and delivered The Most Delicious piece of news! DRAKE’S IS COMING BACK IN SEPTEMBER!  People! This is a miracle of epic proportions! My beloved Devil Dogs are coming back!  Back from the dead! They are coming back for me! (No exclamation points were harmed in the making of this paragraph.  Overused? Yes.  Harmed? No.)

I could die happy.

After September, of course.

Happy Hump Day my friends! Your welcome.

14 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day When…

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  2. You make me smile. You make me laugh. I cleaned my fridge too but I’m baffled at finding what appears to be dust in there. Ugh. So happy that you’re favorite snack food will be back in action. Perhaps you need to be Drake’s spokeswoman???

  3. Oh you lucky lady – and the house to yourself so nobody has to know!! I made caramel popcorn for the school fair last Friday but just wasn’t up to getting there. Told myself it was okay – I’d just have a quiet moment on one of ‘my’ days this week. Between sick hubby, and now not so well child this plan has gone and deflated a bit. Keeping a keen eye out for me time and then let the caramel making begin 😉

  4. Love it! I wish my freezer were yielding such wonderful surprises (as the Thin Mints, not the broken glass) (we’ve had a can or two burst, however)…Michaela opened our freezer yesterday and declared,”There is something very wrong with this freezer.” It was quite empty, you see. 🙂 Someone needs to go grocery shopping. Ahem.
    Yay for fun surprises!! Both in home and in stores soon! 🙂

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