Donut Theology

That delectable chocolate-glazed donut was calling my name.  As I rounded the last aisle of the grocery store for my weekly Big Grocery Run, I decided to throw caution (and my cholesterol count) to the wind and go for it. Go big or go home, I always say.  (As long as “home” isn’t my eternal home. Amen?)

Loading the trunk of the car with the groceries, I removed the beloved donut bag and stuck it in the front seat of my car to eat on the way home.

Only, I forgot how crumbly and messy those blasted donuts are. And how white shorts and chocolate glaze and… me, are never a good combination.

I almost giggled at the obvious comparison to my spiritual life.  The very act of living life can get messy.  And people crumble. And there will be those that smear their own “goodness” all over your white-as-snow self. And it’s not until I’m willing to get messy that I get to taste the actual fruits of faithfulness.

Pulling out of the parking lot, I reached for the bag. I was about to bring the first delicious morsel to my lips, as I saw another mama from town coming in.  She waved enthusiastically.  I, however, stashed that donut down below the steering wheel so fast it would’ve given you whiplash!

You see, I had forgotten that I was at the grocery store at about the same time as roughly half of the other mammas in our sleepy little town – and most of them with kids at the same school as mine attend.

While I consider myself quite confident in my person, I’m not so confident that I will blatantly each a chocolate slathered donut in the car while sidling up next to other moms at a stoplight.

Others, whose opinions sometimes matter far more to me than they should.

It was then that lesson number two hit hard.  Am I living to please (wo)men? Or my God?

Where has my focus been lately?

Clearly, it’s time to refocus on what Who is important.

And it ain’t the donut.



16 thoughts on “Donut Theology

  1. Oh, girl. I’d tell you to wait while I go get one myself so we could both learn how to hold no shame when grace is concerned! ….
    see, I tried to do what you did so well here…;) {HUGS}
    loved sharing this moment with you!

  2. And you take a donut? And make a lesson out of it? One that is comical, and compelling…and convicting? Am I healing if I admit I hide the food too, in the car? Haha. But seriously. Such good truths and thoughts here. Thanks for sharing that tid bid of your experience. You’d be surprised, many of us (ME, ME, ME) think those same thoughts.

    Maybe one day we’ll realize there’s a portion of grace for chocolate stained shorts (and the real life analogy it stands for), too. Love you much ❤

    • Food hiders, UNITE! No, no, no… I really mean Grace Girls Stand Strong! We are slathered in it already, after all, aren’t we? Love YOU sweet Rae!

  3. Obviously you made me giggle. I’m still trying to figure out how to eat Taco Bell in the car, but alas, I have decided I just need to wait till I’m home because it’s too dangerous LOL

    But, I also loved the obvious lesson. Who is important…even while we shop, eat, or duck and hide… there’s no escaping that He is to be our focus and we should reflect that.

    May I suggest having a donut gathering in the parking lot with the Mama’s before you shop?

    Have a great weekend my friend!

    • Sue, that idea is a brilliant one. Then, I’d know who my “true” friends really are, wouldn’t I? HA! There really is no escaping that he is to be our focus. I love that reminder of yours. Have a spectacular week, sweet Sue!

  4. Seriously, girl! Your obvious spiritual life comparison… genius! So good, I read it twice. What we do with our donuts sure says a lot about who we’re trying to please and how messy we’re trying not to get. Man, oh man. Donut theology. Would be a great title for a great book. I’m. Just. Sayin’. Love you, love your heart, love your words. Keep ’em comin’.

    • God is so good to me. Even slathered in donut shmootz, He gracefully delivers a lesson. A book, huh? On donuts? Sign. Me. Up! ❤ you and your encouragement to my heart, Tanya!

  5. You crack me up. I do the same thing with candy bars. Snack them while shopping, eat them on the way home. Lately, they’e been melting all over me. I cannot no longer hide my disgrace! Happy weekend!

  6. Awesome blog post and so true, right?! We are fully approved by our Savior and He already knows what we’re going to to and He planned for it and yet we hide the donut. Why do we hide the donut?? Thanks for sharing and for the giggles, and the reality check 🙂 Hugs!!

  7. “And it’s not until I’m willing to get messy that I get to taste the actual fruits of faithfulness.”
    This line slapped me good….

    “Where has my focus been lately? Clearly, it’s time to refocus on what Who is important.”
    then this one got my other cheek!

    my head is spinning, good gravy!
    Thank you. Im glad i can always stop by missindeedy and get slapped around a little bit.
    LOL! so encouraging. so inspiring. so convicting!
    thank you!

    i stopped wearing whit shorts a lot time ago, because i could literally sit still for hours doing absolutely nothing and STILL manage to get them dirty. LOL!
    oh life.

    • Jesi Rae – Do you even know how much I heart that last line? So hard! YES TO THAT! We shall give up white shorts, together. Your comments bring me a big ole’ smile and remind me that we are all in the grace dispensed boat together. Love you chickie!

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