A Heart at Rest

You could almost hear that phrase, “a heart at rest”, and assume death.




Dead to the old.

Alive to the new.

Dead to the dull monotonous thud of Complacency.

Jolted alive and awake to the rapid pitter-patter of Possibility.

This study of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, by Lysa TerKeurst has re-awakened passions in my heart that have lain dormant for years.  It has also quietly killed others.  And all for the greater Good.

I can hear The Truth of that Good reverberating through each strong thump of my freshly invigorated heartbeat.

And all the while, my heart is able to rest easily and securely.

One of the dictionary definitions of secure is “free from anxiety or worry”.

Yes. That is exactly what my heart feels.

For, I know, without a doubt, that my many little Yeses to God have been whisked heavenward.

Although my eyes may be finished reading and studying what it means to remain with my palms up listening for God’s whispers; and while I may yet hear confirmation, from God, regarding my time and place, I am committing my way to Him.  I am submitting my will to His.

Hearing a message confirmed and then reaffirmed that had been whispered into my heart some 18 months ago, my heart is able to rest in the knowledge that this message has been consistent.  The same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Much like my God.


As I move forward in obedience, day by day, small thing by small thing, He will honor my yeses.  He is honoring my yeses.

And that?  That is what this heart is beating for.

Oh, yes indeedy!

 It has been such a joy to study this book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, with the  extraordinary community of women at P31’s Online Bible Study this past 6 weeks.  If you are interested in learning more about Online Bible Study, click here.  If you would like to read what others’ final thoughts were as we close out this study, click the blog hop below.  


24 thoughts on “A Heart at Rest

  1. Yes and yes — believing for you! And this line here, I love: “As I move forward in obedience, day by day, small thing by small thing, He will honor my yeses.” Small thing by small thing, indeed!

  2. Awesome blog and I have to shout a big AMEN! This has been an awesome study that went way too fast. Palms up & saying Yes small thing to small thing – Radically obedient and radically blessed!!

  3. What a beautiful testimony of what God can do when we choose to study His Word. Being in a Bible study is essential for me. I love reading, studying and discussing it with other ladies. We aren’t meant to walk this walk alone and nothing can encourage a woman like another women who loves the Lord. Be blessed and bless someone else today!

    • Essential, yes. Shelly, that is exactly how I feel about Bible study, too. It’s something that my spirit literally needs – especially the fellowship and community of encouragers we have in this place.

  4. If you were I preacher preachin’ on Sunday morning saying, “Can I get an amen??!”

    I would be saying amen.
    Yelling it.


    Thanks for sharing the reminder. It’s hard to remain faithful when you don’t have eyes to see His faithfulness, even in the small, quiet places.

    Putting that trust and SECURITY back in His hands, right now.


    • My sweet Rae – love you bunches. Loved that last line there – that trust and security belongs exactly there… out of MY hands, it doesn’t fit well there, anyway. I am encouraged by you. Always.

  5. Yes indeedy Missy you hit it on the nail – losing our fears and worries. Those passions are there – we just have to draw them out. My how this study has opened up yearnings that I knew were there but I had them hidden. Enjoyed your blog. Thank you sweet sister. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

    • Aw, Debbie, thank you so much! There are yearnings that I’m still working out -some literally with fear and trembling and others with a hope-filled heart. And continuing to pray for your little Colt!

  6. Amen Missy! I totally agree with what you’ve shared, especially when you wrote: “This study of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, by Lysa TerKeurst has re-awakened passions in my heart that have lain dormant for years. It has also quietly killed others. And all for the greater Good.” Always love reading your thoughts Missy. Another great post and another great study. Cant’ wait to continue this journey with you in ACH!

    • I’m looking forward to A Confident Heart, too. It seems like a timely study to launch into after this one, doesn’t it? Thank you so much for your encouragement, Katrina!

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