An Open Letter To Hostess

Dear Hostess (McKee Foods),

I would first like to thank you from the bottom of my near-empty belly for buying up the recipes of my former culinary love, The Devil Dog.  You simply cannot know the joy that leapt into my heart upon learning that my beloved Devil Dogs would be back upon store shelves before the close of this very month.  Could. Not. Know.

This very day being so near to the end of the month, I am growing increasingly concerned. The end of September re-release of my sweet Devil Dogs is starting to seem like it ain’t gonna happen. I check your tweets, Facebook postings, and company website. (Some may say stalking – I prefer to call it ever-so-careful monitoring.)  But more importantly, I keep checking all of my old Devil Dog haunts. Nothing. My alarm is rising.

Please, PLEASE tell me that you have not changed your minds about a September release?!?


Anxiously Awaiting

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Hostess

  1. If you are really desperate Missy, although as you know I am not a big fan of sugary stuff like Whoopie pies and the like. You can order from Drakes on line and then your sweet ones will have something in their lunch boxes to make their school day brighter. 🙂

  2. Ahhhh, the devil dog. Was a lunch box staple in my younger years, many decades ago. If they don’t come to a store near you….
    A. Stalk…I mean, make friends with, someone who can ship them to you.
    B. Field trip for the family.
    Good luck, I’ll be looking in the stores….

  3. Um, I don’t know how we can have so much in common, yet I have no idea what a Devil Dog is. So I Googled it just now and let me just say… please stock up on those as well for our “someday visit”. K? Thanks.

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