Help Me to Be

The prayer in my devotional the other morning referenced the attributes of God.  Kindness and goodness shown to others will reflect God’s Kindness and Goodness. That seemed like standard issue advice for any person calling themselves a Christian, right?

“Help me, Lord, to reflect your attributes to the people in my life.” was the gist of the prayer at the end.

I headed downstairs, ready to take on the day, feeling fully empowered to do just that.

And then reality hit.

Sweetman had just returned from a few days away with his best friend. I found myself increasingly agitated with his “droppings” throughout the house: A toiletries bag to be unpacked here and a jacket to be sent to the dry cleaners over there, a little half-started pile of laundry up here and receipts to be gone through down there.

Snippy comments were also dropped.

But, not by Sweetman.


This is a word.  For my heart, it’s a word that The One who tends my heart knew I needed to hear.

And so I found myself praying, Lord, help me. Help me to be kind when I would rather snip. Help me to be gentle when it would be easier to snap.  Help me to be more of You and less of me. Please.”

And I realized, for about the millionth time, that God has infinite patience.  He is infinitely kind and merciful to those who love Him.  And I do.  Oh, how I do.

I long for the way I behave to reflect that.  Lord, God, let my thoughts and actions reflect that

Yes indeedy!

12 thoughts on “Help Me to Be

  1. I, too, have made that my prayer. In fact, I realized one day that I sure was a good Christian to everyone except my husband and kids. But, I thought for SURE that was acceptable since I was nice to them mostly, too. I mean, God understood that we can “relax” at home, right? Then, I realized my husband was the very one I was to be Jesus to. And my kids. They were the REAL audience who got the REAL me. Yikes. So, I wrote this quote and placed it above my mirror and above the kitchen sink where I could SEE it before I let my words and “snippy comments” commence… “My REAL self is shown in how I treat those closest to me. Lord, flavor my words, my actions and my reactions with grace, understanding, and love.” It has CHANGED how I respond. Now, I still get snippy. Dang skippy. But, I feel a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit to stop. Think. and be gracious. Man, do I need His grace daily… (PS. Those “piles” you speak of that Sweetman makes? Oh, honey, I have the same battlefield.) I love your realness. God IS changing us by His power, one snippy comment at a time. 😉

    • Thank you Miss Bri! Thank you. It’s amazing when we find out how many of us travel this road away from Snip and Snap Street together! ❤ you, friend.

  2. Missy, that is just what I needed to see today also. I do also have the snip and snap words and I also ask God to help me not have them so much. Thank you for the prayer as this is one I am sure going to keep close!

  3. Missy, oh such words to hold onto, and a prayer to keep praying! I’m a snip and snap kind of girl! I want to have kind words come out of my mouth before the snip and snap beat them to it!

  4. “Lord, help me. Help me to be kind when I would rather snip. Help me to be gentle when it would be easier to snap. Help me to be more of You and less of me. Please.” I can use this today, all day I will be praying this! Thank you! 🙂

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