All The Editing

I’m keeping the tone of what I have to say light, but be sure of this – I’m sharing deep here, today.  And it’s scary deep, to me.

“Conversations happen in real time and cannot be edited.” *  This quote, my friend Katie heard recently, really stuck in my craw.


Then, a few days later, I listened to an online message about looking for likes in all the wrong places. And my ears perked up all over again at this: “Instead of trying to sound interesting, build others up.” (by Steven Furtick)


In all of the thinking I’ve been doing about these two quotes, I keep going back to that first one about conversation. I’ve realized that people only see a sliver of what’s really going on in my real life on social media exactly because I do so much “editing”.

All The Editing can’t be a good thing. It makes it seem like I am so much more witty, intelligent, or jovial than I really am.

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t believe that being any of those things are negative. In fact, I’m a firm believer that God gave each of us particular gifts to be shared with the world.  As long as we’re pouring Him out into and onto others as we go along, and doing it all for His glory.

But here’s the rub, for me: I start to believe that I am nothing if I’m not able to make enough people laugh (at me), or join the conversation (with me), or show interest.

In me.

I’m cringing as I’ve tapped out those two little words.  They tell me all I need to know about the condition of my heart, deceitful above all things.

I just can’t get that initial conversation quote out of my head, either! Maybe because I’m not supposed to. It sure felt like that quote was directed straight toward my heart when I first read it.  The dagger of truth only sank deeper and deeper in each time it crossed my mind.

I truly can’t edit a conversation. Right? Not if it is happening in the now. Oh sure, I can go back and tweak it, or polish it up to make a point, or highlight certain words for emphasis that I hope others will find interesting or important or impressive.  All of those “I” words that our God actually cares nothing for.  He is not interested in my highest highs being the only thing others see.

He’s interested in being the only thing I show others.


The more I think on it, the more I believe that was the lesson for me.  No matter how I go about living my life, what tweaks I make, or places in my life that I decide to polish up – I need to be doing it for God’s glory. And His alone.

Every detail, for God. Period.

*(Click on the quote at the beginning of this post and you can read more about what sparked all of this thinking in the first place. You’re going to want to check that out. I Promise.)

11 thoughts on “All The Editing

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  2. It’s so true, Missy. And me? Being an English major…a used to be Editor in Chief…I’m pretty pro at editing. And not just pieces of writing, but my life…too. Realizing that, more and more. And letting God’s truth sink in deeply.

    Yes! Jesus blots out our transgressions – what an editor HE is.

    But the daily. The deep. The reality of what we are living, what we once lived…We can just edit it out…like it never happened or isn’t happening.

    Trying so hard to be perfect…reaching people with projections of our perfect selves and we’re missing the grace in it all. I’M missing the grace in it all. The grace that gives us freedom to be…and freedom to help bring others to the Christ that can also set THEM free.

    Getting there…

    🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Another great post. Sometimes I just say “Jamie, you’re just thinking too much.” That’s the pinnacle of wisdom I’ve reach in 50 years. Ouch. That still hurts to write that 50 years part. Lately this issue has been in my thoughts as well. That’s why I love (and always think on) Toby Mac’s on Steal My Show. Whatever it is, I just need to remove myself and insert God. And all is well.

  4. This is on my mind constantly. I have to literally almost put up a hand to STOP myself from thinking about how many likes, retweets, followers, etc., I have. I love this reminder that everything we do needs to be aimed toward our Audience of One.

  5. Oh man… that lesson was for you… to teach me!!!

    I am convicted of this myself… the editing I do…

    Though I did post about my bloody, choking dog… that’s not edited very pretty 🙂

    But I know exactly what you’re saying… not enough comments, “likes”, retweets… I feel like a failure. Like that matters.
    Thank you for this post!!!

  6. Ahhh yes! Excellent lesson here, my friend. I absolutely love the courage I see here in you. I wish I had time to click on that quote right now and read all about it. But I will come back to it later for sure. …ALL for HIS glory. Amen and amen and amen!

  7. Beautiful piece. No editing in our conversations together, that is for sure! And that it what makes them so special; their purity, their authenticity, their honesty.

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