I Like To Guzzle Hot Tea

After it has completely cooled and almost every positive effect has worn off, I like to guzzle hot tea. Clarification – it is good.

Sweetman decided, approximately 12 months ago (not that I’m keeping track – because love never does that), to introduce a cup of hot green tea to our evenings together.  And he was determined to add it to both of our nightly routines.

I must give him props for this.  He married the girl who is also in love with The Devil Dog (Oh, my sweet Devil Dog – you have finally returned to me!) It was a mighty undertaking on his part.

I wasn’t sold on the idea, at first.  I mean, we’re talking about something that threatened to come between me and my other nightly ritual, which is decidedly unhealthy.  Not on my watch, people. Not. On. My. Watch.

Not one to give up easily, however, Sweetman made himself two cups each night and plunked one just close enough to me that I could easily grab a hold of it, should I get the wild hair to do so.

He’s wily, that one.

You see, he also assailed me with articles and studies about the benefits of drinking hot green tea.  Of course, he knew good and well that he had me from the moment he explained how a cup of green tea can potentially erase the negative effects of one of my beloved Devil Dogs.

I wisely decided to give the hot green tea a go.

And, SHOCKER! I didn’t hate it. (I try to keep things positive around here.)

So now, I sometimes have two cups of green tea a day, depending on the kind of day it’s been.  Some of you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about here, don’t you! I did the math, you see.  1 devil dog + 1 cup of green tea = 0(Aren’t my math skills somethin’?)

To recap, a steaming cup of hot green tea is set before me each night by the one who loves me.  And, my heart is forever grateful.

Yes indeedy.


Are you a tea drinker?  Got any delicious flavors or brands to share? I’m all ears… now. 

23 thoughts on “I Like To Guzzle Hot Tea

  1. You make me giggle. I tried green tea many years ago and I think I spit it out. I can’t drink grass, even for all the benefits. I do love some sweet tea though. I am from Virginia, you know. 😉

  2. Ok, this is like dessert tea, but you asked…Oregon Chai Tea. It comes in little packets and you add it to your hot water. It’s got cream and seasonings and black tea inside. SO good. It’s wonderful really, but at 130 calories, I limit myself. Your green tea sounds a lot healthier (devil dog not included). 😉

  3. love this article… just remember I told him to marry you 🙂 and next time i am up there i would like to partake in this nightly ritual… bring some for Christmas?

  4. I love my green tea in the evening. I read somewhere that you should let it steep for 4 minutes to get the beneficial effects. The hubby does the grocery shopping (yes, I am a spoiled Goddess). The last box purchased had lemon and jasmine in with the green tea. Not being one to complain, I gave it a try and I like it. When the little guys were growing up we would make “real” tea with loose tea and the good china tea set. Taught them how to warm the pot with hot water and then empty it and add loose tea and fresh hot water and let it steep. Of course, it always involved cookies. Good times.

    • My Sweetman confirmed that 4 minute theory, Sheila! 🙂 How fun that you were able to do tea dates with your boys when they were younger. I love anytime I hear of parents attempting to pass down culture and tradition to kidlets.

  5. Missy,
    What a sweet story about your hubby’s love for you…what a fun way to do math..
    .iHerb.com sells organic green teas, different flavors…I like a Jasmine green tea by Choice brand…if you use DOL559, my code, you can get a discount on your first purchase…the site explains how the code works, if you want to use it…I have used the site for years and like it as it sells many of the same products you could get in a store for less.

    • Dolly, I simply must make math as fun as possible. 😉 Thank you SO much for the tea recommendation – I am going to be trying that out. (And thank you for sharing your code, too, friend!)

  6. I haven’t always been a tea drinker. Until Celestial Seasonings carried some Christmas teas that had a nice cinnamon flavor. BUT… this Spring, I came across a new favorite flavor – that is available ALL YEAR ROUND. It’s Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea. Non caffeinated and oh so soothing on my allergy-ridden throat. It’s so good, it prompted me to buy a thermal commuter mug because I like to sip it slow and hot for a long time.
    I found it in a store in AZ though and couldn’t get it here.
    Hello! Amazon to the rescue. Now I buy a box of (6) boxes at a time.
    Surprised though… at the ingredients… cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and black pepper… I LOVE IT….

  7. I’m so conflicted about green tea. I mean, I totally get how healthy it is, and I pretty much enjoy it when I have it. But I LOVE my coffee with a unadulterated passion…and will always choose it FIRST. With Cheeze-Its. Sigh.

  8. Now this is just too cute! But hot green tea and Devil Dogs? Together? Ick. But oh how I love that this has become an adorable ritual between you two. Now that’s love of the sweetest kind. I’m not a regular tea drinker, so I can’t offer any delicious flavor suggestions. Sorry. 😦 However, I do love your math, and kudos for tagging Devil Dogs, green tea and health in the same post. LOL!!

    • It takes major thought to put those three things together. Oh, yes indeedy, friend! It’s okay that you’re not a tea drinker – I’m still wrapping my brain around being one, myself. 😉

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