Swine Aeronautics

We’re in the midst of NECAP testing up here in New England. For all of you non-educators out there, that’s Standardized Testing.   Talk about a “manufactured crisis”… There’s one for ya, right there!



And by “ya”, I mean us.  As in, Sweetboy. And anyone who happens to live with him.




Me: Hello Crisis. I know you.  Is there any chance, any chance at all, that you will pass through quickly and quietly this time around?




Crisis: When pigs fly.




And that is how we have landed ourselves in Swine Aeronautics School this week.




We probably won’t graduate until these blasted delightful tests are over a week from Friday.




At that time, I’ll be throwing a party.




You are invited.




Until then, prayers for flying pigs would be greatly appreciated.




Yes indeedy.


Flying Pig

Flying Pig (Photo credit: Alex Kehr)


16 thoughts on “Swine Aeronautics

  1. Oh, my, I dislike the tests and I don’t think they are very productive – I can only imagine how you dread them. And how your faith is built by such things. Days like these, perhaps you wish you were back here in the South? Oh, yeah, they have that stuff here too UGH!

  2. My sweet child was so excited that it is the last time he is going to take the NECAPS…of course next year it will be some new fangled torturous test….this time on a computer. Shoot me now…

  3. Oooh, hate those tests and the unnecessary stress they place on students!! Even the ones that like school completely freak out and freeze up during testing. Prayers for you and sweetboy!

  4. I am soooo praying for you and that sweetboy.. we have just finished the Bat testing here a prelim to the dreded FCAT which puts everyone in a tailspin teachers and students alike! And as you may guess some people around here are SICK about it and don’t fair very well. The teachers then spend the remainder of the year teaching the FCAT so as the students due well,so they do well,so the school gets abetter grade so the heck with education in general. Whatever happened to just teaching and making it interesting for the kids to learn? I guess I am showing my age!!!!

  5. You guys test in the Fall? That would never happen in CA. We must test at the last possible moment in the Spring when the info is fresh and the kids are pumped.


    Instead we cram 9 months of instruction into 7 months and then schedule the ELA test for the Monday morning after prom.

    Is my bitter showing? I will SO be praying for your boy and all his mates. Blech.

    • Oh man – I think y’all might just have it worse. That rots! But, I’m praying to a God who couldn’t give two hoots about what this test tells me about my child’s “academic proficiency”. So in the grand scheme…

  6. Every state has their version of standardized testing (we have MAP here in Missouri). Principals try to come up with some silly gimmick to try to lighten it up a bit; last year we had “Duck Dynasty” as our theme during our testing week…have I shared that I don’t “get” Duck Dynasty? I feel for the kiddos and also for the educators who must administer these awful tests. I told my own kids to NOT stress out about them when they were in school. My poor nephew came home with a migraine this week after doing his testing in Florida (he’s in 10th grade and did poorly last year). Praying for you, my sweet friend, and your sweet boy. This too shall pass.

    • Oh Pat – a migraine is the worst for an adult! For a kiddo?? UGH! Thank you for your prayers, my friend. I appreciate them greatly!

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