Two-For-One Lessons


There are moments when it seems like everything you know about faith is turned on its head.  You know those moments I’m referring to, don’t you?  A loved one reveals a character flaw that takes you by surprise; a friend lets you down so big that you’re not sure if friendship is something you ever want to pursue again; or, your child gets a diagnosis that no fever-reducing medicine can touch.  We can all probably add to this list from our many life circumstances.

While I’ve certainly encountered my share of big reveals, back-biting, and bedside vigils, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way in this faith journey, of mine.  I’d like to share them with you in the hopes that it will help bring you some comforting perspective as you travel along on your own path to deeper faith.

Join me over at Fancy Little Things today, won’t you?   I’d sure love to hear about your own lessons learned. Click the button below to head on over there and read the rest.


I apologize for the glitch today.  It looks like all systems are a go now.  So… go.  Now.  Pretty please?

Your Thoughts?

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