Which Piece Would I Be?

There’s just something about pictures of pant-legs and shirt-sleeves flapping in the breeze of a cool autumn day that makes me long to be like them.  Oh, to be certain of my place in life, because with pegs holding me to a line, there would  be no question.  I imagine wishing for the breeze to rattle my fabric and provide respite from the sun. And, I’m pretty sure that I would so enjoy the freeing feeling of getting all of my wiggles out, throwing myself this way and that as I just let it go.

I wonder if my Creator considers these things when he watches me flail about? I’d like to think that He sees me as a necessary piece of the wardrobe that makes up His closet full of earthly clothing.

Which piece would I be?

The underthings that cover important private places?  The pants that provide shelter from the cold winds. Or maybe the shirt with non-existent sleeves to allow for maximum exposure to any slighty breeze blowing through on a sweltering summer day?

It could simply be that I am whichever piece He needs me to be in A Moment of this life I am gifted to live.

And, as with all clothing, I must be laundered.


Because, Oh! How I get dirty.

My Redeemer, though, He is a Master Cleaner. He washes me white as snow.  Once and forever.

Yes He does!

English: Clothes pegs, hanging on "dedica...

English: Clothes pegs, hanging on “dedicated” ropes. Русский: Прищепки на верёвках. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m a day late – but oh so honored to be writing about Laundry with the community of writers over at Five Minute Friday. Click the button below to head on over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s place to read more.  Or, if you’re up for the challenge of writing with abandon for five minutes about a one-word prompt.  No editing or over-thinking. Join us!


6 thoughts on “Which Piece Would I Be?

  1. So great! So clever. So sensible. So true. Who woulda thought there’d be so many wonderful words and thoughts on laundry. Love your perspective here. This is fantastic! Every word, fantastic, my friend.

  2. I love this!!! And I think maybe you’re gloves sometimes — the hands of Jesus, reaching out with encouragement and love at the exact moment people need it most. ❤

  3. Love your thoughts here Missy! I have really enjoyed reading the FMF’s this week. Somehow ‘laundry’ brought out something a bit different in us all. Beautiful my friend. beautiful 🙂

  4. Considered throwing myself – and my whole family for that matter into the washer today. It was that kind of day, and yes THAT bad. It was a day filled with laundry and changing out the closet & drawers and knowing we were the ones that needed washing and to be changed out. I love the thought that we can be a piece of clothing for the Body. I think I need this shift in my perspective right now. Thanks so much for this wonderful imagery to put in my mind at the end of this loooong day!!

  5. You, my friend, would be that beautiful, decorative scarf…lightweight and breezy, complimenting anything and everything from the plain white tee shirt worn with jeans, to the tailored, black dress!! Of course, not silk, but something easily laundered like cotton. 😉 Beautiful, yet durable…workable for His glory!!

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