For When Your Child Doesn’t Fit In


While we all have those parenting moments where we notice something a little quirky about our kids – not all of us have the privilege of anxiously wondering how much that quirk will hold them back socially. And then the day comes when it does.  And that cute little quirk becomes a massive elephant in the room of your child’s social life.  Others notice the quirk(s) and begin to act as if… As if your child couldn’t possibly be liked by very many people because she/he is different. As if they are already on the path to Outcast. As if they are not worth the effort.

And it cuts.


My(in)Able & (in)Cluded group of ladies provide a safe place for me to feel those emotions and process them.  Follow me over to my (in)courage community group to keep reading. Click the button below.

InCourage Is My superpower


10 thoughts on “For When Your Child Doesn’t Fit In

  1. Oh Missy, I am so right there with you. Walking the awkard path with our kids is so hard and it doesn’t matter if they are 5 or 25. I just continue to pray for God’s guidance.

  2. Oh friend. I can’t identify with what you’re going through, but know my heart breaks for you. Praying for strength for each day and believing new mercies every morning will carry you.

  3. Missy,
    Just wanted to share with you – I work with kids who are intellectually disabled, autistic, have seizures, and neurological disorders. Those are just the ones who have their quirks identified. My son has always been socially awkard, although never tested or identified with any specific “quirk”. Over the years I have come to learn that God has a pupose for everyone one of His children – quirks and all. I open my heart to you to be of any support or sounding board you need.


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