Hammer Time

I can almost bet you were hoping for a pithy 80’s post here.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Sorry.

I am a master (mistress sounds all sorts of wrong) at squashing any thoughts I might have that propel me to the completion of a goal.  In fact, I’ve discovered that my thoughts follow a pretty stinkin’  predictable pattern of progression.  There always seems to be a point where I turn on my heel and stomp out. Sometimes, I quietly try to crouch down and crawl out. But either way, I give up. Maybe you can relate?

Let’s say that my final step is to actually build The Thing I’ve been planning in my head for years a time. And, let’s also say that I’ve taken the time to gain some solid knowledge and practice putting hammer to nail. Also, let’s assume that I’ve made sure to get confirmation that This Thing is what it is supposed to be.

It’s time to pick up that hammer and start doing the hard work of laying board up to board and nailing things together until they take shape.

Here are some thoughts that go through my head,though, as I begin. Please, tell me I’m not alone?

“There are so many pieces to put together.”

“What if I get halfway in and realize I’ve measured incorrectly?”

“Am I sure these are the right kind of nails?”

“That hammer is gonna get heavy after the first 30 nails.”

“This is going to take a sweet forever.”

“Minus the sweet part.”

“Man, why did I start this project again?”

“Shoot! That hurt!”

“Ain’t nobody got time for this!”

“There are plenty of these Things already in the world.”

“Where is that devil dog?”




They are all whispered into my ear.

And here’s the thing about All The Whispers: If I were to listen carefully to how each of those distractions, all of those suggestions, every point about my incompetence were being delivered?  I’d notice the hissing for what it is.


Told by the father of lies.

Not today, buddy.

This goal will not be an epic fail.

I choose to tune out the thoughts that are against me and go with the thoughts that are for me.

By the Creator of Truth.

I am capable because I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Each seemingly insignificant pound of hammer to nail head honors Him in not despising the small beginnings.

I am, indeed, the right person for this job because He called me to it.

This thing is important because it brings glory to God.

Where it should be.

And most importantly, I’d rather take my cues from the Master Carpenter any day.

And with that, I do believe I’m willing to pick up that hammer again and resume the building.

After, of course, a little devil dog break.

Yes indeedy!


I just need to plug Renee Swopes’ book “A Confident Heart” again, here.  Those thoughts above about “against me and for me” thinking?  They are hers. She has truly given my heart strength and courage as I’ve been going through this book.  Click the title of the book to go get your own copy.  I love you, but I’m not sharing! I say that in love, of course.   (This is NOT an affiliate link.)

10 thoughts on “Hammer Time

  1. Oh my friend, I got so excited about this!! If I can grab a hammer and nail and help you build whatever it is God is prompting you — you’ve got a co-laborer in me!!

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