Just A…

Aside from the Strep Throat running rampant in this house, I’ve acquired another, much nicer gift this week.

I’ve been digging into chapter 8 of “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope over on the P31 Online Bible Study blog. And this chapter?  This is The One I’ve been dreading since I first scanned through the chapter titles a few months ago: ‘When Doubt Whispers “I Don’t Have Anything Special To Offer”‘.

Did you wince just a little?

I did.

How long, Lord?  How long until I finally accept, once and for all time, that I am not only forgiven, redeemed, and loved, but also gifted to be used by You?

There is one phrase I hear thrown around like so much confetti. I hear it coming from my mouth, as well as others. Only, there is no party going on when I hear it.  It often starts with a conversation that goes a little something like this:

“What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m just a _________.” (insert whatever word or words you usually end that statement with.)

That gift I spoke of receiving this week? It was the gift of confirmation.

Confirmation that I’m not “just a” anything.

And, neither are you.

I’m not just a stay-at-home mom, just a blogger, or just a graphic design wannabe. I don’t just manage my son’s many needs, or just chauffeur my family around, or just lead a women’s small group . I’m not just a wife, just a student, or just a writer.

No, I’m not.

This week, when that tape started playing, I started to hear the message for what it was.  A lie.  It’s meant to be an arrow of hurt sent straight into my heart. That lie is meant to wound me and keep me from moving forward in all that I am.

You know it’s a lie, too, don’t you?

Renee speaks to the importance of thinking on those things that bring you great pleasure to do and resting in the fact that, “The desires of your heart indicate your God-given passion to make a difference somewhere.” (pg. 142)

Because, we all long to, don’t we?

Make a difference?



And when Doubt starts whispering and hissing that you have nothing special to offer because you are just a…

Please! Turn around and face Doubt squarely and say out loud, “Yes I Do!”.  Do it for yourself.  Do it to honor the things that God has called you to in this season of life, whether seemingly insignificant or not.


We’ll hold hands and shout it out together. Yes indeedy!

I’m joining up with the lovely community of hearts over at the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study Blog Hop today.  We are all reading through “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope.  Please click the button below to read from a treasure trove of encouragement.


12 thoughts on “Just A…

  1. No, we are not just anything! It is a hard truth to face in light of our personal failures, but in light of God’s glory and grace, we are recipients of God given blessings and talents!!!! I love this post.

  2. wow. “The desires of your heart indicate your God-given passion to make a difference somewhere.” That’s good. Never in my life was it ever suggested to me that God put these desires in me so He could use them. It’s like a few years ago at a scrapbook convention, the speaker said how God was creative and that’s why we have a desire to create – and I was able to let go of my guilt for loving scrapbooking.

    • Sarah, I love how God illuminates different points for each of us in the ways that will speak most directly to our hearts. He is So Good!

  3. You were a teacher once upon a time too right? How often as a teacher did you have that same feeling? I’m just a teacher. From the day I first told my parents I was not going to law school, that I wanted to teach, to the last five years of my career when it was so fashionable to ride the teaching profession into the ground, I cringed every time I said what I did.

    You are so right. God gifted us. There is no “just”. God doesn’t do “just”. Rock on mama!

  4. Oh, my mercy, Missy…this post…not “just” this post, but the heart behind it..wow! Spoke right into my heart today. This: “Confirmation that I’m not “just a” anything.And, neither are you.” Perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have read for a while..and needed it. You are definitely not “just a” to OBS. You ARE amazing and have awesome gifts and talents. I am honored to come alongside of you in this journey.

    Love ya,
    Jennifer N
    OBS Core/Teaching Team

  5. Missy, thanks so much for sharing what WE all think!! Chapter 8 in A Confident Heart by Renee Swope has been so eye opening for me as well as many others! Now to put our gifts to work for God’s good! #YesIDo Thanks again sweet sister~ Cindy OBS Small Group Leader

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