Reggae in Heaven

Doesn’t some music just say home to you?

Now, don’t laugh…but Reggae always speaks soothingly of home to me. Spending my summers in Bimini meant that I absorbed the music and rhythms of those around me.

Whenever I hear some of my favorites, I am instantly transported. I think of The Lady Up On The Hill who made the Johnny cakes and Bimini Bread on the other side of the island, or of the dances done at Brother Ozzie’s downtown bar to “Come Back MaryAnn”, or the radio tuned to reggae as the islanders cracked open the newly fished conchs for all of the tourists.

The music was everywhere. It flooded my soul almost as much as the summer sunshine did.

Reggae makes me relish those innocent summers when I played with the dozens of stray puppies without worry for where they would end up.  I miss doing the ring toss in Brown’s Bar downstairs from the hotel, without concern for anything other than how much candy we’d be overloaded with for all of our wins.  I fondly remember dancing with the Islanders, whose only aim was to teach a young lady how to keep time and rhythm to the flow of the island music.

To this day, put some Bob Marley on and I am instantly taken back to that time and place where I was free from stereotypes and ran the island with all of the other children that called Bimini “home”. That music reminds me that there was a time when there were no adult worries beyond what to rustle up for dinner amongst the things that were freshly caught in the waters that day.

Yup. I’m pretty sure there will be Reggae in Heaven.

Three little birds told me so.

Yes indeedy.


What music takes you back?

3 thoughts on “Reggae in Heaven

  1. Awwww, such a great story! I, too, LOVE reggae. And, yes, there will definitely be reggae in heaven, but let’s also add it to the list of things for our someday visit, at which time I’d love to hear more about your summers in Bimini. Also at that time I may or may not admit that I had no idea what/where/who this Bimini was until I googled it just now. Oh girl, you spent summers there? Dying to know more…

  2. LOL!!! This made me giggle…and giggle!! When I was in the Air Force, I first heard reggae from the guy who lived underneath my room:

    “And we’re jammin’ in the name of the Lord” 😀

  3. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful place to spend the summer as a kid!

    Handel’s Messiah takes me back in time-home in PA and memories of my Mom singing around the house and then in church for the Christmas Eve Service 😊

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