Drinking It In

I consider, sometimes, those news segments about the housewife or soccer mom who confesses to being a closet alcoholic. I probably give it more thought than you can imagine.

And, do you know what I think about when these stories come to mind?

I think to myself that it’s really not so horrific.

Because, if I’m being honest, a segment very much like that could just as easily be about me. I am capable of going there.  Oh, how I am.

Thinking about my own decrepit state and knowing how wretched I can be, I know I do go there.

Just not with Alcohol.

But…for the Grace that follows me there.

He trails behind me, hemming me in so that if I start to weave and topple over, I suddenly find myself leaning upon Him.  Leaning in and leaning on and leaning toward, until I know no other way to move forward without Him.

Until I find that I need that.

That I need God.

I know – I know and I feel and I see – that the God Who Loves Me will always follow me there. He wraps my other addictions up until the only thing I see is Grace.  And He loves me so deeply, so intimately, that He knows where I’m headed long before the downward spiral is set in motion.

But He cherishes me so much, that even in that pit of despair, He will not leave me or forsake me in that place.

So, what keeps me from heading down into that dark place?


Promises made more than two thousand years ago.

But that still stand today.

Oh, yes they do.

And these promises were made to me, about me, and with me in mind.

And you, too.

Did you know that?  Those promises were made for you, too.

Do you need some fresh hope to be waiting for you at the bottom of your pit?

Let Grace follow you there.


Drink this truth in:


If you find yourself prone to wallowing, and I’m admitting to you that I am, wallow in thatAllow your heart to soak in the truth that you are not forgotten.

And that you are loved.

Not forgotten.


Yes indeedy.

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