So That’s Where They Were

Lately, my inbox has been lonely.

Really really lonely.

On any given day, I usually have a good 10 email notifications from my favorite blogs about a New Post. And I love getting those notifications!

But these last 2 weeks, I’ve had absolutely nothin’!

Spam. That’s all I ever seemed to have.

Except that it wasn’t spam.

No. Not spam at all.

You see, I discovered something when I went to clean out my deleted emails and my spam emails, (because I like things all nice and tidy like that, and because I had all of this extra time that I usually reserve for reading my favorite blogs.)

Apparently, someone had gotten a hold of my phone and placed the entire contents of my inbox into spam mail. And, it wasn’t me.

Now, I’m not naming any names here, but I suspect a particular 39 inch child in this house.  She was trying to sneak my phone away, a few weeks ago, to listen to the newfangled sounds and ringtones on the new phone Sweetman got me for my birthday. But, I caught her.  And I quickly realized that she had also, in the process, moved a bunch of my little iPhone icon thingies around, in the process.

But I thought that was the extent of the damage.

Silly me.

When you are five, and something of mama’s looks fun and exciting and sparkly and has buttons, what do you do?  You just started pressing this and that and… Voila! Who knows what just happened, but SHOOT – it was fun!

All of my eagerly anticipated notifications were given the unfair label of “spam”.

Boo hiss.

So, if you haven’t heard from me in a while, blame Sweetgirl.

I certainly am.

Yes indeedy.

4 thoughts on “So That’s Where They Were

  1. Isn’t it funny that we can even talk of things like this today? When I was five, the only thing my mom had that looked exciting and sparkly was… nothing. My, oh my, how times have changed! Glad you got it figured out. 😉

  2. Hmmm, I was thinking that you needed a few new subscriptions but no, you need the 4 digit lock 😉

    Hope you have time to catch up on all the reading!

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