How To Be a Stellar Procrastinator

It’s been a rough couple of weeks around our house. We’ve had strep throat rip through the house twice.  Good times. And just prior to that, we sent The Nana and Ahab home with colds and ear infections.

We like to send people off with parting gifts.

On another note, being stuck in bed allowed me to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done early.  I felt pretty great about that until I dropped the kidlets off this morning and came home to a room full of boxes that now needed to be opened, the contents wrapped, and All Of The Boxes broken down and taken to the recycling center.  That just makes me six kinds of tired typing about it.  I think I’ll tackle that one tomorrow.

Or not.

I still have seven more days until they absolutely HAVE to be wrapped.  I am nothing if not a Stellar Procrastinator.  Oh, yes I am!

In the midst of all this mess, I borrowed Sparkles’ vacuum cleaner… and broke it.  You wouldn’t believe how if I told you (but it involves finally having a vacuum cleaner with enough power to say… clean the house, and being so ecstatic about it that I went into a very uncareful cleaning frenzy. Or something along those lines.)

The vacuum cleaner was so awesome, in fact, (and cheap enough that Sweetman agreed to it), that when I bought Sparkles a replacement, I bought one for myself, too.

I’ve been a vacuuming fool ever since.


A fool.

Because there are approximately 10 family members’ worth of gifts to be unboxed and wrapped.

But I don’t think I really need to vacuum in there today.

8 thoughts on “How To Be a Stellar Procrastinator

  1. Hehe! Stellar procrastinators unite!!! I’m sitting here looking at a library book that should’ve gone back about three weeks ago. I’m considering whether to actually take it back today or blog about it and take it back some other day. Guess which thing will probably happen today? Actually, probably neither. Cuz procrastination works with blogging, too. So what kind of incredible vacuum is this anyhow? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Our vacuum broke a few months ago. I waited a month for a new one. The house, well, you can imagine. We were days away from being condemned for filthy floors. One week, only 7 days, after I got my new vacuum, my husband took it to church to clean up a flood mess. Yes, silt from a major flood. As you can imagine, he killed my vacuum. Now, it’s Christmas and still no vacuum. No dryer either. If one more thing breaks in this house, I may give up on any semblance of cleanliness.

    So, what kind of vacuum did you get? I’m looking for recommendations.

  3. Oh, you are so funny… Sometimes sickness and broken appliances are just too funny when they’re all over. Hope this means you’ll all be healthy now and trust me-you’ve got plenty of time to get those gifts wrapped ☺️

  4. Dear Missy
    Oh, this is one thing that I do as little as possible, vacuuming! That noise and I are not bedfellows. But this new year I am determined to steam clean my carpets. A friend of my sons girlfriend enrolled her last year in a course to learn how to overcome procrastination, but she and I were having a good time in a coffee shop when her friend phoned to ask where she was for she completely forgot to attend the class!
    Blessings XX

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