Do NOT Go In There

You know how they tell you that you should never go to the grocery store hungry?  Well, you should also never go to Target with your wallet.

True story.

I walked in intending to pick up three things.  Soap (a noble endeavor, as everyone likes it when I shower), a gift card for my nephew (I started wrapping all of those presents I was talking about the other day and apparently, I forgot his!), and a new cereal that Sweetboy is fixated on (and, as luck would have it, only seems to be at Target right now).  Three things, people.

It did not go well.


And this is only the top part of the cart.  You know… that little part where your baby/toddler’s sweet cheeks used to rest, but is now occupied by your purse?  Or, it was. Now, there’ no room at the Inn De La Tarjay Cart.

And, if you are an astute observer (as I’m sure all of you are), you’ll notice that I did indeed score the gift card.  And, buried in that pile in the actual cart is the cereal.  (We do not even want to consider what fresh hell awaits if I return without The Cereal.)

What I did forget, though?

The soap.


Today, I’m so going to smell Peachy Keen.  Yes indeedy.  I’ll be using Sweetgirl’s 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash.  Because that’s what we’ve got on tap.

Sweetman’s just gonna have to fend for himself.

Beside, I can just run to Target to get some soap.

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