6 thoughts on “Top Ten of 2013

  1. I don’t have a top ten, perhaps I should look into trying that!
    I’m glad to be one of your number threes (I think)
    Good for you, these are awesome!

  2. 1. Read through the Bible
    2. Made new prayer friends with my OBS “Sistas”
    3. I’m still in my home
    4. Grew in my faith
    5. Added blessings to my blessing book
    6. My husband and I are working
    7. My son is working and going back to college
    8. Definately grew in my relationship with the Lord
    9. Redefined goals
    10.Learned to give more of myself

  3. 1. I settled fully into this new space.
    2. I found emotional health
    3. I expanded my spiritual understanding (just finished what happens when women say yes to God and am signed up for the next bible study!)
    4. I am learning to use my hands to be productive, not just my mouth and my mind.
    5. I got back in the gym. Consistently.
    6. I cleaned up the food in our home.
    7. Shea and I listened together for Gods voice and guidance
    8. I am learning to just be.

    That’s not ten, but it’s what I got. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and the ways it has worked in my life. Happy New Year! Jen

  4. 1. Spiritual growth
    2. 52% of Bible read
    3. Became more content in the areas God has placed me
    4. Let go of anger
    5. Met some REALLY great ladies in OBS
    6. Accepted things I can not change
    7. 31 years of marriage to wonderful man God provided
    8. Son got out of Army
    9. Daughter graduated college
    10 Became a grandma ❤

  5. Oooh, love your top 10! My favorite? I think the 2nd thing on your list made me smile the biggest! Love that you found deeper faith. Great post to end a great year. Happy New Year, Missy!!!

  6. Top 10….
    1.God led me to place my cares at the feet of Jesus
    2.God changed some work situations and greatly decreased my stress levels
    3.God gave me the words to offer to friends and relatives who were suffering terrible, unexpected losses this past year. I have been given the gift of putting those words into writing.
    4.God has given my family another year of good health and financially stability, for which we are grateful
    5.I have been blessed through a couple of OBS with ways on which I can decrease the stress in my life and understand all The Lord had to offer me.
    6.I have been blessed to have an online family of sisters who are experiencing the same things, plus being able to offer words of encouragent and prayer for those in need
    7.My family has been blessed financially so that we donated much more money this year to those in need.
    8. I grew much closer to my Lord and now understand how much He can do for me
    9. I’ve learned that those things I have perceived as difficult times, trials and worries are really God’s way of asking me to depend on Him more and he will help me to grow in His word.
    10. It is my hope to that in 2014 I can grew closer in my bond to God, to depend on Him more, to know he’s there for me, to forge a deeper relationship with Him.

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