Grace Galore

Sometimes, I think thoughts too big for my head.

And eat too much for my hips to bear.

Or buy more than my wallet has bills for.

But in it all, His grace is sufficient for me.

And when I hear someone else talk about what they are going through and it’s obvious that my problems are small, comparatively, I am instantly reminded of just how grateful I need to be.  My heart remembers what all I’ve been given.

Life, abundantly (hips and all).

Love, never-ending.

And grace galore.

Always grace galore.

May you find that grace for yourself in this new year, my friends.  Yes indeedy!


4 thoughts on “Grace Galore

  1. Hi Missy,
    Happy New Year…and yes, grace galore…at Laity, I was struck with the idea of “grace upon grace” as Mark R. taught on John 1: 17 (if I recall)…anyway, praying another grace galore year for you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year! I, too, feel fully blessed. There are good days and bad days. Clarity and misunderstandings. Hurt feelings and jubilation. Sorrow and happiness. These are all gifts from our great creator. What we perceive as humbling, maddening or frustrating simply belong in the category of lessons from The Lord…the times when we will have the greatest opportunity for growth in our relationship with Him. We must remember to praise Him when we are having good times, good health and days of happiness and thank Him for the difficult trials we experience because of the growing depth of our love and understanding of His word. May 2014 bring us all to a deeper, closer relationship with our Master, Counselor, Physician…Jesus Christ our Lord.

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