How To Chase Your Demons


I don’t know about you, but I find that anytime I determine to move forward in a positive direction, in any area of my life, pesky little demons come out of the woodwork.  The very act of declaring that I’m going to attempt success seems to be a clarion call for them. I’m becoming wise to their ways, though. 42 years of living and 10 times that number, in failures, will help you do that.

Demons are crafty. They know that the best time to rear their ugly heads are when you are feeling… ugly. And, even though I’m well aware of the times they most like to pop up, they still have the ability to take me completely by surprise.

It’s annoying.

This… human condition thing.

What are your most consistent demons called? I can tell you, right now, that mine are Fear, Envy, and Disappointment.  Those little buggers love to hiss “What makes you think you have what it takes to succeed?”, “You can’t ever be as good at this as so-and-so.”, and “You’ve failed every time you’ve tried this.”.

Lifting my eyes heavenward for help, which is where my Help truly comes from, seems to issue my demons a special kind of challenge.  They are just as determined to keep my eyes downcast as I am to lift them heavenward.

I am happy to report, though,  that Fear hasn’t been getting near as much airtime as usual.  I’m feeling less afraid of its ability to derail me from my goals.  I’m becoming more confident in this truth:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


I keep my eyes firmly attached on Him.

And that little stinker Envy? Well, I’m learning that every time I make the choice spend time desiring what someone else has, it only serves to take my focus off what God has for me. Quite frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that!  I’ve got words to write, and books to read, and letters to send.

As for Disappointment, I think I might actually feel sorry for that one.  I’m  not only a member of The People Pleaser Club of the Western Hemisphere, I’m also The President of it. And I’ve come to realize that the person I most often let down is myself.  Now, I don’t want to dis myself here, but allow me to dis myself here – it doesn’t matter one withered fig whether I let myself down.

Because, seriously… how many times do I state that all is Grace around here.

It’s high time I start living like it.

First order of business?

Chase those demons down and smother them silly.

With grace, of course.

Grace galore.

Yes indeedy.

Want to join me in my chase?  Or, even better, what demons can I help you chase?

15 thoughts on “How To Chase Your Demons

  1. I am there with you Missy, I love that post. One can chase a thousand but two….woohoo!!!! ten thousand…awesome!! Keep me in your prayers. I’m chasing down fear, Insecurity and trust.

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  3. “It’s annoying. This… human condition thing.”
    Yeah, right there, you hit my spot.
    I just found out I’m not perfect. Cry with me on that one, would ya?
    Loved this … I’m struggling with these little demons too … and am trying to get back to the Grace-full living
    Thanks for the words sweet lady ; )

    • I WILL cry with you on that one, Sue. Gladly. And then, we’ll lift our eyes heavenward, throw on our boxing gloves, and hit that bill of goods we’ve been sold right out the park! 😉

  4. Must confess that when I first read the title of this post I thought it said ‘dreams’. But still I reckon that the points you raise here are a pretty good start to that too. Must remember these as I get set to clear out a few demons this year in order chase a few dreams too 🙂

    • Chase those dreams down, Lizzy, friend. I’m waiting outside YOUR ropes to get you right back in and pray you back up every time. Oh, yes I am!!!

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