Basically, Fish Tacos

One year, while Sweetman and I were visiting Captain Ahab and The Nana down in Florida (before children – Sweetman calls them The Ignorance Is Bliss Years), we went out for dinner.  We all agreed we were in the mood to hit our favorite Mexican joint.

As we went around the table giving our orders to the waiter, there was a surprise order. Nana’s. She ordered “Fish Tacos”.  I choked on my Margarita. Sweetman spewed his beer.  We both looked at each other in horror. Ahab just shook his head sadly.

Now, I grew up in sunny South Florida.  I ate fish here, there, and everywhere.  I did not, however, grow up eating fish in my tacos. This order took me so completely by surprise that I didn’t even know how to process it.

“When did you start eating fish tacos, mom?” And, more importantly, WHY?”

“People change, dear. I really like them. You should try them.”

We agreed to disagree.

By having more margaritas.

Later that night, Sweetman and I awoke to the gentle soothing sounds of The Nana hurling. All Night Long, as Lionel Richie would say.

“It was that Margarita, I tell you!”, she kept insisting.

“Mom, I had the Margarita, too.”, I tried to remind her.

No matter. She wasn’t having it. It just could not be her beloved fish tacos.

That night held many lessons for us all.

The Nana is a horrible liar.

Sweetman and I would never be interested in “trying” fish tacos.


Margaritas are evil.

Take your pick.

So I found it surprising to be having this conversation with Sweetman last night:

“Honey, what do you think about trying… now keep an open mind here… black bean and salmon tostadas, one night?”

And just when I I thought the recipe couldn’t get any worse, he started rattling off the list of ingredients, prefacing almost each new one with “Now, we don’t have to add that one.”, or “That one might not be a good addition.”.  He mentioned words like “cabbage” and “pickled jalapenos” and some other things.  I think I tuned out after “salmon tostada”, to be honest.

But this is how it goes around here between he, who cooks, and me, who… well… doesn’t.

If he thinks that being adventurous is adding cabbage to a perfectly good tostada, who am I to judge?

Engineers do those sorts of things.

“So, basically, you’re asking me to eat fish tacos?”, I challenged.

“Yeah.”, he admitted.

“Only if you serve it with Margaritas.”, I demanded. “Then, I’ll have a culprit.”


I guess people do change.

And, once again, my mother is right.

Yes indeedy.

*And, though my stomach turns even as I write this, if this is your cup of tea, Sweetman found the recipe for these “Black Bean Salmon Tostadas” here. You’re welcome.  Or… I’m sorry.*

18 thoughts on “Basically, Fish Tacos

  1. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. In other words, I’m siding with The Nana on this one. *hurling*. And margaritas are NOT evil. Let’s just get that off the table right now. 😉

  2. I ❤ fish tacos!!! LOL!!

    Our special ed coordinator, a VERY talented lady (knows sign language, taught at the middle school level, etc.) married a Mexican man and quit working in the public schools because of all the stress. They opened their own restaurant and Manny's fish tacos are my fav with his AWESOME mango salsa. Instead of lettuce, he uses a mixture of cabbage and cilantro!

    We call our years before we had children, "BK" (before kids). 😉

  3. Ahhh, but you have to have your fish taco made correctly. There is a Mexican restaurant near my place of work (where one spends most daylight hours, arghhh). I’ve had them and they were great. Some kind of grilled whitefish with the cabbage and salsa over top. The only issue I have is that the fish is hot and other items are cold, so it’s kind of strange that way. Had them at a seafood restaurant along the Northeast River in MD and they were great. And my salmon has to be covered in some kind of sweet, sticky sauce for me to eat it. I don’t get all the hoopla over salmon. Give me a Mrs. Paul’s fish stick any day!

    • Oh Sheila, you are right on – the hot with the cold with the EWW! And, P.S. – I love me some Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks too. Any day. 😉

  4. I was fairly horrified when I was first offered a fish taco but I have to say that I have come around. Mike developed a taste for them after visiting SoCal on business and thus we have converted to a fish taco consuming household.

  5. Be careful, your gringa is showing. Lol.

    Fish tacos are a dinner time staple here in So Cal, and IMO, thank goodness. I prefer them grilled to fried, but heaped with cabbage and salsa. Yum!

  6. Fish, in general, is not my cup of tea…and the idea of fish tacos AND salmon tostadas makes me want to lose my lunch. I’m on your side here, sister! (But will gladly take the margarita.)

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