I Kinda Wish I Hadn’t

When your day starts like this:


When the gas light is on and the low tire pressure light is on and it’s below 10 degrees… well, it can only go up from there, right?

And then, you know that scene in the movie where the overweight person feels like they’re having chest pains and is concerned because they have so much to live for, so they call their doctor, who sends them to the ER, which is where you they find out that they just have a bad case of gas and a good case of a torn shoulder muscle and that’s the way the day ends?

Yeah, me neither.


Please, hospital staff, ignore the rash that is still All Over My Body. It’s going away, the doctor promised. And it’s not contagious. The doctor promised.

And, in other news, I kinda wish I hadn’t eaten that popcorn yesterday.

21 thoughts on “I Kinda Wish I Hadn’t

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  2. Glad everything is ok. But remember, all you ladies out there…anytime you suspect that chest pain, shoulder pain, is something more serious, i.e. heart attack, seek help immediately. Women do not have the same traditional symptoms as men. As a nurse I always encourage people to get it checked out quickly, don’t ignore it. If it turns out to be nothing, that’s fine, no one on the emergency room is going to laugh at you or poo-poo your symptoms. Then you get discharged and get to go home to laundry, dishes, meals, homework….all the things we really do treasure. It’s all about being there for your family, they need you. Oh, Lord make me stop rambling. BTW I think February is National Women’s Heart Awareness month….just putting it out there.

    • Sheila – you are a WEALTH of information! Thank you for the reminder that we should never ignore signs that we are unsure of. Never!

    • You know, it really is miserable because I never noticed how many muscles are nearby that are affected. But, I’m not gonna let it keep me down for long. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh you poor thing! I had the same thing happen a few months ago. Not from something I ate. I think mine was anxiety. I didn’t want to go and my daughter made me. I almost turned around at the door. I was there for 6 hrs and nothing! Which I’m glad but 6 hrs!!!

    • Diane – 4 hours for me! It seemed like a very UNsweet forever all for nothing! (That sounds as if I’m not grateful for the outcome. THANK YOU LORD!) Anxiety… it’s a stinker! So glad your visit was nothing, too!

  4. Oh, Missy! Are you ok? Sad you’re having a rough time. Hope you start feeling better real soon. Saying a prayer for you and I’m glad you’re not having a hearty-tack. Take good care of yourself.

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