Determination for the Destination


Sometimes, you will all at once realize that the battle you fight with yourself isn’t the one that really matters.

If you are so blessed as to be given eyes to see this truth, consider yourself blessed indeed.

It takes an act of will far beyond what I am capable of mustering up on my own to tear myself away from the current battle and zero in on the one that needs to be fought.  Is this true for you, too?

Food seems to be a constant struggle.  Eating for the wrong reasons, eating the wrong things for the right reasons, eating during emotional highs and lows – they are all battles I fight.  But, I’m beginning to see that the real battle isn’t there. It isn’t in the food. It’s in the attention that I give the food.  It takes the place of something someOne it has no right to.

And as some of you know, I have determined, recently, to make changes.

The road to Change is hard.

Recently, I was given the privilege of walking with a friend while she is fighting an altogether Other Battle. This is what I am learning: while we are all journeying toward victory, the way we arrive there will be different, person to person. The pits on my road are deeper in some places and much shallower in others.

And this I know that I know that I know to be true: the road will be paved with grace.  Oh, yes it will.

Because that’s the kind of God, the Only One, who would allow us to choose the route to our final destination. He is The Smoother of the bumpy wayward journeying. And although the battle that each of us fights in the flesh may be different, the determination that He endows us with is the same.

And when my journey goes sideways, as it often does, or stalls out, as it is prone to doing, the grace paved road is still there.  Ready. Waiting for me to place one tentative foot back onto it. To feel the sure footing that only Grace and Love provide.

And I will. Because, in taking a hard look at what needs to be seen, I realize that Change is not a destination – it’s a journey.

I’m determined to continue on the new road.

How about you?

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22 thoughts on “Determination for the Destination

  1. Missy, I’m always in such awe and in love with your words. Everyone always shares that you have a way with words and it is so true. There’s no better way to explain it. You just simply have a way with words that stirs the soul awake and this post certainly is no exception to that. LOVED it!! I’d tell you what I loved, but I’d end up quoting the whole thing!

  2. Change…who likes it? Not me, but there comes a time when we have to. It is hard to stay focused and keep that #determination that is why we have to stay with palms up and dig deeper in his word! Thank you for sharing sweet Missy ❤ Cindy M. OBS Small Group Leader~

  3. Great post! Thank you, I forget that word Grace some days. This is a wonderful reminder that we all have it and we will all need it some days, but not to give up! I won’t give up if you won’t! 🙂

    • No way, Mary! I will never give up and never surrender (ahem…). God’s got this and He’s got us. We are on the road to victory!

  4. “And when my journey goes sideways, as it often does, or stalls out, as it is prone to doing, the grace paved road is still there.” Oh, how I can relate!! I thank God for His never-ending grace. “Change is not a destination – it’s a journey.” BOOM!! Awesome stuff right here and I’m honored to be on this journey alongside you!!

    • His never-ending grace is a gift immeasurably more than I could have ever thought to ask for. It amazes me over and over again, friend. So glad to journey together!

  5. Oh…AMEN, AMEN, AMEN to “Change is not a destination – it’s a journey.” We are becoming more like our Savior as He chips away and removes the sin in our lives. So thankful to be on this journey with you!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • As He chips away, I hold hope to be more like Him, less like me. You KNOW how blessed I feel to be journeying this road with you, my friend!!!

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