Dancing Amid Disaster


Today, I have the great pleasure of writing over at Elevate Ideas.  My Sweet Friend Monica had this brilliant idea to celebrate what ‘A Beautiful Life’ , as spoken of in Psalm 16:11, looks like. She was gracious enough to invite some of her friends to write about different ways we are led to joy in the midst of lives filled with some not-so-joyful phases.

Psst… guess who’s turn it is today?

Yes indeedy!

Monica’s kick off post was last Tuesday. You’re gonna want to check that out first.

And then, I’m really hoping you’ll read my post, today, on rediscovering joy after being flung over our very own fiscal cliff.  She’ll have some beautiful friends stopping by each Tuesday until she closes out the series on March 4th.  I think you’ll fall in love with  Katie, Allison, Monica, and Sara as much as I have.  Grace-filled ladies, all.  Living beautiful messy lives.

So, c’mon! Come see how I learned to dance amid the disaster of a budget crisis over here.

I’ll see you over at Elevate Ideas!

6 thoughts on “Dancing Amid Disaster

  1. Miss Missy!
    WOWZA! This was a very, extremely powerful thing!
    Instead of writing my usual novella under something that brings forth such emotion and perspective, I, Jesi Rae, am rendered speechless!

    Thank you for your transparency and honesty and obedience to share!

    Love you tons!


    Jesi Rae


    • There’s my sweet friend, Jesi Rae! Your words are gracious to me and I do not, for one hot second, believe that you are speechless. Ahem… 😉 Love you right back girlie!

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