Crazy Demons, BE OUT!

When things go stir-crazy around here, Sweetman and I have a little catchphrase we use to lighten the situation: “Crazy Demons, BE OUT!” (And for some reason, you simply must say this as if you’re from the deep deep South.)

We use it jokingly. But, once we get a moment to catch our breath, we realize The Current State of Crazy for what it is –not of God.  Our God is not a God of chaos.  This, we know to be true.


So when Sweetgirl starts sassin’ it up or Sweetboy has a meltdown of epic proportions, we can be heard loudly proclaiming things like, “Sassy Demons, BE OUT!”

Here’s the thing, – I know full well that their Crazy gets turned on by their deepest insecurities.

And why?

Because that’s true of me, too.

When Sweetboy is in the midst of an Epic Detour down some mental rabbit hole, ultimately, he is questioning if what we tell him about himself is true.  “Am I really loved? Am I really a necessary member of this family?”.  His heart, clouded by the darkness that lingers with the growing knowledge that Autism makes him “different”, will delve deeply into All The Negative.  And we don’t want him to stay there. So we jokingly say, “Negative Demons BE OUT!”. He cracks a small grin and then tries, oh, how he tries, to go back to that dark place.  But we won’t let him. We want him to hear, again and again, that what is true is that he is loved, not for what he can accomplish or for how he looks, or doesn’t. We love him because he is ours.

In those moments, I’m often whispered to by my own Abba – “You are loved, already, too.  You are mine, too.”

And when Sweetgirl throws down in one of her spectacular efforts to Control All Things, she’s really just asking if what we’re telling her will benefit her – in the way she most desires it to. As her Crazy ramps up with each deafening “I don’t want to”, we can be heard singing, “Looney Tune Demons BE OUT!”. And she giggles and protests that she isn’t a wascally wabbit.  And we take the opportunity to remind her that her tantrums aren’t beneficial to her getting her way. That you win more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Softly, I hear my Adonai reminding me of the same. “This battle you are fighting? It isn’t for you. It is not necessary. Leave it. Follow me.”

Oh, how patiently my gracious God bears with me!


Teach me, God, to filter all that I take in and sift it with your Holiness. Take this broken heart of mine and make it whole with Your Truth.


I’m linking up with the community over at the P31 Online Bible Study Blog. We continue to journey through Made to Crave, by Lysa TerKeurst, and today, we’re chatting about how our insecurities can push us into crazy modes (and a couple of other things that try to steal our peace). Crazy Good Stuff!


21 thoughts on “Crazy Demons, BE OUT!

  1. This reminds me of a line from The Crucible, where Rebecca Nurse tells another mother “She will wake when she tires of it. A child’s spirit is like a child, you will never catch it by running after it. You must stand still, and for love, it will soon come back.” God knows that wisdom, too!
    PS: Should I be worried that you and I are some of only a few who wrote about the crazy? LOL.

  2. So I’m totally stealing your saying & will be using it myself… & good thing because I already have the southern accent 🙂

    • Shhh, Rebecca… it’s an old line from “Fletch”. I’ve just dusted it off and funned it up. 😉 I’ll pretend to have a southern accent and then we’ll whoop it up together!

  3. I love this so much!!!
    Like, This is some solid parenting. Firm while implementing the truths of christ! – I love it. (i dnt romanticize this either. i genuinely love this!)
    I think I am going to use this with my niece(and other children that get dropped on my door step)!

    And alas, With my self. When the weight of what i want but do not have weighs heavier than the Glory of who God is!
    With a loud shout I will very literally proclaim: Crazy Demons; BE OUT!

    and because I’m an Alabama Belle (RollTide!) I am pretty sure i can NAIL the drawl!


    Thanks for sharing!
    Love always,


    • “Dropped on my doorstep”. BAHAHA! I mean… how lovely. You, my little Bama Belle, totally nail the drawl. Kill it! I heart you, too.

  4. Oh, how I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall to hear your New England Southern Drawl!!! 😉

    Amidst the trials of this world, it sounds like there’s so much love and laughter in your home, and that is such a GOOD and HONORING thing to our God!!

    • Anytime, Pat. Anytime you want to hear the staunch upper lip lingo we throw around here… 😉 Love and laughter are what we cling to around here. God is GOOD to us through it!

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